GamePrep: ConsOps, 2.05, Pt 1

So we’re finally at the point where I expected us to be by the end of session 2. Which doesn’t really bode well for my “I don’t want to run for 6 mos.” declaration, does it? Anyway…

I’m planning on beginning in media res with the PCs already at some secluded location where they can interrogate HEIMDALL. There’s a little confusion at the moment regarding where they are – at least two players suggested using their headquarters location in Haifa, which I’m currently leaning toward. Drive time from Jerusalem to Haifa is just under 2 hours, so that would put local time at around 11:30 a.m. just to get there.

Quinn’s Briefcase – the following are some things inside this MacGuffin:

  • Digital Ledger with locations & access codes for ~$500M in funds originally belonged to HEIMDALL. Quinn mentioned to the PCs that he drained those accounts and locked them down thus.
  • A spyphone. I shamelessly stole the iQPhone from the Bond book, Carte Blanche, which is basically going to give the PCs the ability to do some hacking stuff, particularly phones ala what they did all the time in Person of Interest. At the moment, this is probalby going to use ElecOps (Surveillance)…
  • Brand new Strong covers for all four PCs (even Hurt, who is unavailable) under the guise of employees of the Global Wildlife Conservation Council, which is evidently a real non-profit organization that operates (“officially”) out of California. Included with these covers are some magazines that should help the PC(s) speak the conservation lingo. They have a web presence and some cutouts hired to answer phones for the Contact Us page. Vega’s new cover is noted as having a pilot’s license. Digging into this NOC (non-official cover) reveals that Quinn clearly put some work into this. Additionally, currently in the Haifa Airport is a Grumman HU-16 Albatross registered to the GWCC. Notably, none of this is on ConsOps’ books – Quinn went to a lot of trouble to keep it on the down-low…

Grumman HU-16 Albatross

Skill Piloting (Heavy Airplane)
ST/HP 100
TL 6
Hnd/SR -2/3
HT 12f
Move 2/118 (+10 on Chase rolls)
SM +8
Occ 2+10
DR 4
Loc g3WWi
Stall 37

There’s a twin-prop transport in B465 that I used as a basis, but the important stats – Move, SM, Occ, Stall – are all from the real-world stats for the Albatross.

In the previous session, Baum reached out to Hamilton Riggs, the actual boss of the PCs, but got the voicemail. In this one, Riggs will call him back. The overview of that conversation will be:

  • Opening: WTF is going on? Egypt on the verge of war with Sudan, reports of car-chase & gunfight in Jerusalem streets, Shin Bet have three German nationals in custody…
  • After recap: Riggs reveals that he’s been working with Quinn because a bunch of ConsOps missions have gone sideways recently because the targets were forewarned, so they’ve been trying to find out who is responsible. So Riggs knew about the side missions the PCs have been doing for Quinn.
  • Riggs wants them to find out what HEIMDALL knows about Syria as well as BRAGI & BALDR, then cut him loose by either putting him in the ground or letting Shin Bet take him into custody.

The interrogation itself is intended to be something of a data-dump with HEIMDALL coming across as a guy who knows a LOT of stuff.

  • HEIMDALL knows the identities of the PCs.
  • He will throw BALDR & BRAGI to the wolves because he’s pissed off about the soccer field shoot-out. BALDR he knows as Paul Suresh, BRAGI is Rene Delacroix, and they’re gay who operate out of Cairo (which HEIMDALL acknowledges is pretty brave given their predilections.)
  • Suresh originally had a transport job – he wanted to insert a team into Syria, then extract them via Iraq. This is obviously the team that hit the bioweapon facility before the PCs … and REILLY will realize that they’re talking about the op his team did immediately before the one that took them into Sudan! They went in to retrieve a specific scientist while “sanitizing” the rest…
  • He will reveal also that the Russians strongarmed him into working with them following the Port Said mess. They want the cargo back ASAP.

Follow-up with Riggs after this intel is obtained:

  • The reveal about REILLY’s Syrian op makes him dig and learn that KLENDATHU BLACK SHADOW is locked for Director’s Eyes Only. He pulls up an image & gets confirmation from REILLY that this is the dude they extracted, then reveals this is Mikhail Andrusha Breznikov (now known as C/S LOKI) who is a Russian bioweapon expert.
  • He also reveals another image that involves a bad guy from the first run (James McAvoy) kissing a woman. The man, Riggs says, most of the PCs will recognize. They’d originally considered him as just a middleman but obviously not. Quinn redubbed him C/S ODIN.
  • The woman, however, is ConsOps Director of Operations, Jennifer Harrington! Which means ConsOps appears to be compromised!
  • And then he gets word: Quinn died on the table 30 minutes ago and Shin Bet is investigating it as suspicious.
  • Riggs issues a “Shadow Directive” to the PCs (The title has been stated! Take a drink!) “Your team needs to get off the grid, locate and neutralize this asshole, Breznikov, and identify the parties behind him. Take them down, whoever they are, wherever this leads, but don’t expect assistance from ConsOps. I’ll do what I can from the inside but it looks like we’re compromised. In the meantime, I’ll have our wounded relocated to someplace more secure as well.”
  • Riggs doesn’t give a damn about HEIMDALL – in fact, he sort of blames him for Phil Quinn’s death since he had Quinn’s briefcase so if one of the PCs (e.g., Baum) shoots the guy in the head, he’ll shed no tears…

In the wake of this, I’m kind of tempted to have the Russians (Spetsnaz, of course) raid the location that the PCs are lurking at … but I already did that in 2.03! So I’m digesting how to proceed in that regard with the ultimate destination from here (after I figure out the next step) being Cairo, Egypt, to dig into intel regarding BALDR/BRAGI operations there…