GamePrep: ConsOps, 2.07

At the moment, I am so very, very far behind. In between fighting off a cold, I’m also dealing with more shrapnel from the kidney stone stuffs. Honestly, I think I’ve spent more time asleep this week than I haven’t and I still feel exhausted. Which means I haven’t done a terribly good job at prepping for the Saturday game.

As it stands, I’m sort of mentally splitting it up into Scenes again. I think I’ve got about 5 in mind, excluding any wild diversions taken by the PCs.

Scene 1

  • VEGA wakes up. He’s been shot and was blasted over the railing of the parking garage by REILLY’s shotgun blast.
  • His injuries are “plot injuries” in that he’s nominally at the 1/2-Move, 1/2-Dodge state, but a successful First Aid check by someone other than him will resolve that.
  • Upon return to his level, he discovers REILLY & BRAGI gone, the tires of his (VEGA’s) car slashed, and the super-phone smashed. Plus there’s the whole matter of two dead guys in the other car. Sirens can be heard in the distance.
  • If he goes ahead and searches them for stuffs as was his original intent, he will find minimal stuffs: sidearms, smokes, a single burner cell with nothing on it save this address via a text message from what will turn out to be another burner.

Scene 2

  • I.BAUM wakes up. He’s in the back of an ambulance with MAHONEY on the other side of him. To I.BAUM’s utter shock, the female EMT working on I.BAUM is none other than CHANA BAUM, his sister!
  • Driving the ambulance is CAMERON LYNCH, who may step in here to advise I.BAUM what happened: he (I.BAUM) was a half step into the warehouse … when it exploded in his face. He’s luckier than most.
  • LYNCH is also going to tell I.BAUM that he’s working a case parallel to the PCs and is an old friend of QUINN.
  • I’m presuming that they’re going to make contact with VEGA & learn that REILLY has betrayed them & they need to ditch their wheels.
  • Currently leaning toward maybe the PCs realizing that they are being Shadowed, which could go into a chase.
    • Who is following them, though?

Scene 3

  • At the safehouse; VEGA has been picked up because the team pre-arranged contact info & rendezvous points.
  • With Reilly reveal, need to ditch existing cell phones to avoid being tracked.
  • Coordinate intel with Lynch
    • LYNCH IDs HOSTILEs as Vympel Spetsnaz under CS: TYR which PCs snapped photos of in Syria. He (TYR) is trying to locate CS: LOKI … and evidently, so is BRAGI
    • LYNCH to urge follow-up on the ship (M/V Pegasi) since that’s what HEIMDALL told MAHONEY they were going to use to transport CS: LOKI
  • PCs have been operating, non-stop, since departing Israel at the beginning of ASGARD YELLOW CHECKMATE. That was on 12 Feb – it is 14 Feb! PCs are exhausted.
    • B426 has the Fatigue stuff.
    • Just looking at it, I think they’re all around -5 FP, at least 2 of which are due to missed sleep.
  • Take the plane to Kuwait. About 5 hour flight time, so guesstimate 7 hours total with pre & post flight (which likely includes them scouring for a bug: ElecOps (Surveillance) vs BRAGI’s Smuggling-13 (with +19 (!) bonus due to size of the device and the size of the plane) (see Smuggling skill for specifics)

Scene 4

  • Arrival time in Kuwait is around 0130, 15 Feb. Recommend PCs get some sleep before dawn (which will (magically) bring them back to full FP.)
  • Dig into the ship info
    • M/V Pegasi – 32,000 DWT German-owned container ship (through Hapag-Lloyd Shipping Company, which recently bought out the United Arab Shipping Company.)
    • M/V Pegasi departed two days ago (13 Feb) but has dropped off the GPS network as of yesterday (14 Feb). (C/S: LOKI was aboard)
      • Unknown to PCs (but probably suspected by), on 12 Feb, the M/V Pegasi was boarded and seized by Somali pirates
      • The CARGO (aka CS: LOKI) arrived in Kuwait the day the Pegasi departed (13 Feb) secretly, then was secreted out
  • I’m sort of leaning toward suggesting they have to do a B&E into the UASC building to obtain the above intel
    • During B&E, after PCs have obtained Intel, REILLY breaks into comms on open channel (aka the Big Bad in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol) which alerts security. Pcs must then defeat or evade…