Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

So … it’s been a while since I actually watched Avengers: Endgame and, to my very great surprise, I haven’t had the urge to rewatch it at all. In all honesty, as time has passed and I’ve really digested it, I’ve realized that I actually didn’t like it as much as I originally thought I did. It’s still a tolerably decent flick and, whenever I do get around to watching it again, I’m probably going to fast-forward to some of the more exciting scenes – Worthy Cap remains my hands-down favorite scene – but I’ve come to that uncomfortable realization that some of the stuff in it sort of fell flat for me.

For example:

  • Black Widow’s death makes no sense when you think about the Rules of the Soul Stone. In Infinity War, a superior flick, IMO, they establish that Thanos has to sacrifice what he loves … but Natasha commits suicide so Clint can’t, which means this it doesn’t quite track. I’ll have to rewatch the bit in Infinity War to confirm that this is the rule, but I’m pretty sure it was.
  • Cap’s return to Peggy just breaks his character for me. There’s no way he would just sit on his hands, knowing that his best friend is being mind-screwed and is going to murder a lot of people, including Tony’s parents. I think, in my head-canon, the last scene of Endgame where Steve is kissing Peggy isn’t indicative of their marriage, but just a quick stop-off on his part before he continued on to finish returning all of the other stones. Peggy marries the dude she was kissing at the end of her show and honestly, I’d prefer Cap to end up with Natasha anyway.
  • And how did Cap get to the planet for the Soul Stone or, for that matter, back from it?
  • Restoring everyone who was wiped out by the Snap five years later is kind of a mess. Imagine: Jack and Jill are happily married and Thanos Snapped Jill out of existence. Jack grieves for a couple of years but manages to move on when he meets Jane, whose husband John was Snapped away. They fall in love, get married and Jane is expecting a child … and the Snap is undone. Now Jill and John are back, having lost no time and their spouses are with someone else! Or what about Tom, who was in the plane that Richard was piloting. And then, Richard was Snapped away. The plane crashed and Tom died … but where does Richard return when its undone? That’s a mess…
  • And don’t get me started on Fat Thor. Ugh. It seems like they turned him into a joke so as to further ensure Carol (aka Captain Mary Sue) is highlighted as the most powerful…

Eh. The whole thing was sloppy and that just makes me sad.

And not very optimistic about the next phase of the Marvel movies. We’ve got Captain Marvel with her short haircut, old man Steve Rogers and Falcon-Cap, does that mean Fem-Thor is right around the corner? I want someone to point out to Feige that all of those changes failed