GURPS: Shadowrun PC – FREYR, elven gun-mage

My GURPS: Action game has, by necessity, gone onto hiatus due to half of the group having to miss a bunch of sessions during the summer, so, as a result, we’re playing a bunch of so-called “One-Shots” in the Shadowrun universe. I’ve had a lot of trouble getting my teeth into this setting in the past, which is weird because I like Cyberpunk and I like Urban Fantasy, so this should be right up my alley. Finally, however, I’ve got my character and I’m having a blast with this guy. Last session, for example, we encountered a team of heavily armed badasses and, in three seconds, I’d killed three of them … and that was before I picked up my Trademark Move, which I’m looking forward to springing on the GM at the next session (if appropriate.)


ST 10; DX 13; IQ 12; HT 12.
Damage 1d-2/1d; BL 20 lbs; HP 10; Will 12; Per 13; FP 14.
Basic Speed 7.00; Basic Move 7; Dodge 11; Parry 10.
5’10”; 200 lbs

Advantages/Disadvantages/Perks: Ally (The Great and Powerful Freyja (actually my sister, Sarah, who is an awesome hacker, despite her near bodiless conditions),50% of starting points, 9 or less); Appearance (Attractive); Charisma 1; Code of Honor (Professional); Concealed Carry Permit; Contact (Alice; Effective Skill: 12 (Street stuffs); 9 or less; Somewhat Reliable); Contact (Detective Tosh Athack, Knight Errant; Effective Skill 15 or less; 6 or less; usually reliable); Contact (ODIN, former handler at the Agency; Effective skill 15; 9 or less; somewhat reliable); Debt -20 (to medical organization to keep his sister alive); Dependent (Alice; no more than 75%; 6 or less; Friedn); Duty (the Agency; 6 or less; extremely hazardous; involvuntary); Enhanced Time Sense (Electrical); Fit; Gunslinger; Longevity; Luck (Aspected: Combat Only); Intolerance (Drug Dealers & Addicts); Light Sleeper; Magery 0; Night Vision 5; Obsession (Keeping my sister alive); Off-Hand Weapon Training (Guns/Pistol); Quick Reload (Detachable Magazine); Reputation +1 (Bad-Ass Runner; all the time; small class); Secret (Former government “operative”); Signature Gear 1; Social Stigma -1 (Metahuman); Tradmark Move (The Mook Drill (Ranged Rapid Strike using Quick Shot, TA Guns/Pistol (Skull) vs two different targets within 30 degrees, 2 shots each, Effective Skill: 18 (with +1 to normal Rcl)).); Weapon Bond (Pistol)

Quirks: Actually does not find elven women particularly attractive; extremely uncomfortable in clubs; minor addiction: pops over the counter painkillers like candy; picky eater; very polite, even to those he’s about to kill. Especially to those he’s about to kill.

Languages: English (Native)

Skills: Acrobatics-12; Armoury (Small Arms)-12; Body Language (Human)-12; Climbing-12; Criminology-12; Detect Lies-12; Diplomacy-11; Driving (Automobile)-12; Fast Draw (Ammo)-15; Fast-Draw (Pistol)-14; Fast-Talk-11; First Aid (Elf)-12; Forced Entry-13; Forensics-12; Guns (Pistol)-16; Holdout-13; Interrogation-12; Intimidation-12; Judo-12; Karate-12; Knife-13; Observation-13; Professional Skill (Tradecraft)-11; Research-12; Search-13; Smuggling-13; Stealth-12; Streetwise-12; Tactics-10

Techniques: Immediate Action (Guns/Pistol)-13; Quick-Shot (Guns/Pistol)-14; Targeted Attack (Guns/Pistol/Skull)-13

Spells: Blur-12; Continual Light-10; Darkness-10; Haste-12; Light-10

Equipment: Heavy Pistol, 10mm (Signature Gear, Weapon; Electrothermal-Chemical; Targetting HUD Link; Targetting Software +2; Reflex Sight; Fine Quality) (4d+2 pi+. Acc 4); Kukri (Fine, Monowire); Reflex Body Suit (DR 12/4*); Reflex Gloves (DR 6/2*); Armored Shades; Assault Boots (DR 12/6); Nice Suit