GenCon 2019

Crashing at 2100 tonight so I can get up at 0400. Going to be on the road at 0430 (ideally). God, I need this vacation…

The Expanse Season Four

Damn, I can’t wait. They’re clearly (again) taking some liberties with the source material – in the book, for example, Amos and Holden were the only Roci crew to step foot onto Ilus/New Terra … which makes sense as they’re the Earthers accustomed to a domeless sky and capable of withstanding the gravity – but […]

Netflix Witcher Trailer

Well, I don’t think it looks that bad. Yes, there are some casting issues – I still don’t like the SJW casting of Triss as a black chick and the Yennefer casting just doesn’t work for me either, but Ciri looks fine and I like Cavill so I am hoping he kicks ass in this. […]

Krypton Season 2

Totally caught up with this show and man, I’m really enjoying it. I do have some minor complaints along the way, so I figure I’ll do my usual good, bad, ugly thing. Good Brainiac. Holy cow, but I dig this version of Brainiac. He’s fantastic – the actor is doing an amazing job and I […]

GenCon 2019 – The Games

With GenCon creeping closer, I thought I’d mention the games I’m scheduled to play and my expectations. THUR (8/1) “Data Breach” – Starfinder 1E – 0800 to 1300. Since this is basically Pathfinder in Space, I don’t expect it’ll be anything too weird for me. “Assault on the Dungeon of the Pognomancer” – 13th Age […]

What I’ve Been Up To…

So what exactly have I been up to of late instead of working on my ConsOps game? I’ve been working on a sci-fi game (using Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition rules) that I’ll be running some time after GenCon with our F2F group. Started setting up an Obsidian Portals site for it and everything: The Verge. […]