GamePrep: ConsOps, 2.11, Part 1

Labor Day is upon us and two of my players are out, so we’ll be skipping this week. Which, I suppose, is for the best as it means I have an additional week to figure out my next step, even though I think I’ve got a pretty decent idea of how it plays out. With […]

GM Commentary: ConsOps, 2.10

So … that happened. I’d expected the (probable) bathroom fight to take a short amount of time, maybe an hour or so, but naturally, that turned out to be all we did. I certainly didn’t expect to end up killing a PC (although I think, in this case, the player sort of forced my hand […]

The Mandalorian trailer

Oh, my freaking God. This is pushing all of my “Rogue One” buttons and keeping them pushed! After the hot mess that was The Last Jedi and the mediocre blahness of Solo, I’d pretty much given up on Disney Star Wars. Honestly, if the boss wasn’t likely taking the entire office to see EpIX, I’d probably have skipped it … […]

GamePrep: ConsOps, 2.10

Still trying to fully narrow this down, but I’ve basically got 2.10 hashed out in broad strokes. What I’ve started doing is splitting these sessions up (in my head) into “scenes” since this is supposed to be an Action! game. To that end, I’ve got three Scenes in mind for Saturday. Scene 1 At the […]

GM Commentary: ConsOps 2.09

After many weeks of being on hiatus, we resumed my Action game on Saturday … and it didn’t quite play out like I expected it to, principally because of some bad planning on my part. I intentionally planned for three major sequences as stated in previous posts that should have played out in the following […]

Argh. GMing on Saturday

I’ve got everything ready but man, I do not feel ready to GM. The usual pre-game jitters are setting in and I’m ready for them to end.

GenCon Recap

So, as promised, here is my “recap” for the GenCon games I played: Thursday: Starfinder – Liked what I saw. Was basically what I expected with it being “Pathfinder in Space”, but there were some interesting adjustments like two different ACs (energy AC and physical or kinetic AC.) Didn’t realize (though I should have) that […]

Back From GenCon

And, ugh … I am so tired right now. We ended up leaving Indy around 6 and arrived in OKC a little before 5a.m. As it turned out, I was the only one in the car who didn’t get in a quick nap – just couldn’t actually force myself to drift off like everyone else […]