Back From GenCon

And, ugh … I am so tired right now. We ended up leaving Indy around 6 and arrived in OKC a little before 5a.m. As it turned out, I was the only one in the car who didn’t get in a quick nap – just couldn’t actually force myself to drift off like everyone else did. Came home and crashed for a few hours – three and a half, I think – which was not nearly enough. I had to do laundry for work tomorrow (ugh) as well as taking a buddy to the airport so he can fly home to Portland. I could probably get to sleep now, but I’m trying to hold it off until around 2000 or 2100 when its properly bed-time. But man, I am really fricking tired. Next time I go to GenCon, I’m getting the house until Monday a.m. so I can get a good night’s sleep before driving home.

This week, I’m intending to type up a big review of the games I played, so watch for that, I suppose. In the event anyone but spambots actually read this.

Thought that I was going to resume ConsOps this Saturday (the 10th), but looks like it’s actually going to be next week (17th). Whee…