GamePrep: ConsOps, 2.10

Still trying to fully narrow this down, but I’ve basically got 2.10 hashed out in broad strokes. What I’ve started doing is splitting these sessions up (in my head) into “scenes” since this is supposed to be an Action! game. To that end, I’ve got three Scenes in mind for Saturday.

Scene 1

  • At the Muscat Intl Airport. The plane team – everyone but Mahoney – has landed and are doing the usual post-arrival check-in stuffs.
  • Via the loudspeaker, there will be an announcement for Emil Boucher to contact the courtesy desk because a message is waiting for him. Emil Boucher is one of Baum’s old covers.
  • Contacting the courtesy desk gets the message and it’s mostly a coded thing couched in everyday language:
    • Mister Harish Singh wishes to inform you that he has the company car but traffic will make him late picking you up. However, he suggests you might be able to get someone from the local branch to drive you to the office since they’re already at the airport. Your arrival was not as secret as you would have liked; it appears that the office is ready for your surprise inspection.
    • Singh is one of Mahoney’s old covers and if the Players don’t understand that he’s warning them that they’re blown & are being surveilled, the characters will understand. With that warning, they are easily able to detect those watching them (though I’ll likely ask for PER or Observation to determine that there are two different groups. Maybe Intel Analysis?)
  • There are two groups surveilling the PCs. One is Omani law enforcement – using the same stats for the Egyptian NSA guys … which I evidently never posted, so I’ll put them in a different post – and the other are Vympel Spetsnaz.
    • The Omani LEOs have been tipped off that the PCs are persons of interest and want to take them into custody, ideally without too much violence or bloodshed.
    • The Russians are blunt instruments who want to the put the PCs into the ground.
  • How the PCs act is up to them, but I’m presuming they’re going to try and shake their pursuers at which point a fight is going to break out. I’d like to emulate the awesome bathroom fight in Mission Impossible: Fallout if at all possible and am considering using the simplified technical grappling rules from Doug Cole’s Hall of Judgment (since one of our players is constantly wanting to use Technical Grappling … which I’ve only skimmed TBH.) I’ve read through HoJ and it seems simple enough so this is baby steps, I suppose.


Scene 2

  • This is going to be a Chase scene and there are multiple entry vectors into it, depending upon what happens above.
    • IF the PCs go with the Omani LEOs peacefully, then the Russians will pull back and then assault the LEO transport with a ram (doing superficial damage to the PCs but injuring, killing or otherwise knocking out the LEOs.) Mahoney will be able to arrive in time for the PCs to pile into his vehicle … and then they have to evade the pursuing Russians to go to ground.
    • IF the PCs fail to shake their shadows from the airport, they’ll find themselves being pursued by both groups outside the airport probably with Mahoney again arriving to pick them up … although it might actually be more interesting if he’s a fourth party to this chase.
    • IF the PCs shake their shadows in the airport, then the Chase will be something different entirely. Instead, as they’re getting to their vehicle, they’ll see BRAGI and REILLY in a nearby car. Both sides will be surprised to see the other, but a chase will (likely) ensue with Reilly having access to far greater firepower than the PCs do.
  • I find option 1 the least likely … although I suppose that counts if a PC tries to shake their shadow but fails and is arrested. Depending on how the game shakes out, I could even combine all three options for really mixed up marshmallow mess of a Chase!
  • In the event that Bragi & Reilly are involved, my ideal resolution for that involves Bragi either escaping (perhaps leaving behind a Mission Impossible-esq mask, thus revealing that he isn’t Bragi at all!) or turning himself over to Omani LEOs to avoid the PCs, while Reilly is either killed (“My compliance will be rewarded.”) or badly injured somehow.

Scene 3

  • Presuming we get this far, I probably want to ripoff the opening action scene of Ronin which if you haven’t seen, what the hell is wrong with you? Basically, it’s an attempted gun buy that goes bad and I’ll have to figure out how to get there, although given the minimal gear the PCs have right now, that’s not a big surprise. Considering the PCs badly need to resupply, getting into that is pretty easy.
  • I’ve got a couple of other data points that will fit into Scene 3 in some capacity:
    • Chana has to get back to Israel ASAP
    • McKay warns PCs against trying to use the plane again; the Omani ISS is all over it
    • In the event that Bragi or Reilly is captured and if no PC considers it, I’ll have someone (DDO Riggs?) strongly urge that they need to grab that individual to interrogate them (which could probably lead to the above-mentioned Ronin ripoff as they need equipment.) In this, I’m totally thinking MI: Fallout again with them nabbing Solomon Lane.
    • McKay and Riggs are going to strongly suggest the PCs “lay low” in Muscat for as long as they can while they shake loose some alternate transport for the PCs.
  • I’d like to maybe find a way to end this session with the reveal that all of the PCs have been officially burned (so they lose Duty, but also lose all of the Legal Enforcement Powers, Patron, Rank, Security Clearance, etc. advantages as well.)