GamePrep: ConsOps, 2.11, Part 1

Labor Day is upon us and two of my players are out, so we’ll be skipping this week. Which, I suppose, is for the best as it means I have an additional week to figure out my next step, even though I think I’ve got a pretty decent idea of how it plays out.

With the death of Vega, I need to introduce a new character. The player in question – Ronnke – has decided to go with an Infiltrator as a basis, but he’s going to start at 290 points to bring him nearly on par with the other PCs. There also exists the possibility that another player may join in, but I’m not going to know whether that’s going to pan out or not. Currently, Ronnke’s new guy – Grayson Brooks – is an active SIS (aka MI6) operative with Fast-Talk at 20 (which is … ugh) but otherwise, he seems like a jack-of-all-trades.

What I’m currently thinking of doing, since my previous plan was so thoroughly derailed, is to begin in media res with Brooks on an undercover op. In this, I’m looking at ripping off the “Burn Notice” pilot, with Brooks basically arranging for an Very Bad Man to provide weapons to some British assets in the field by paying him off. This particular VBM doesn’t use cash because he’s been robbed three or four times in the past; that might have been part of Brooks’ original op, so the Circus (aka SIS) could get access to the guy’s accounts. So Brooks makes the phone call to begin the transaction … and gets the “We got a burn notice on you. You’re blacklisted.” (though I’ll probably have them say disavowed?) At the same time, the VBM will get an alert that all of his accounts have been frozen by the British government! This is why the guy doesn’t simply murder Brooks – he wants his damned money back!

So yeah, Brooks is in a … difficult spot which he isn’t going to be able to talk himself out of. At the same time, I don’t want to attack him for having such a high skill level, so I need to establish some boundaries. In this case, the VBM is absolutely convinced that Brooks is trying to screw him over and take his money, and the most that Brooks can probably actually do in response is convince the guy that he (Brooks) can get his (VBM’s) money back for him. Still, in his fury, VBM is likely to order his guys to “beat the information out of [Brooks].” Which is going to hurt.

Presuming Brooks doesn’t just go for a gun and kick off the shooting early, the other PCs (Baum, Lynch, Mahoney) will enter the scene. It’s going to be about a week or so since the airport mess and they’ve been laying low or following leads in that time or just healing up as is the case with Lynch, but now they’ve got a solid lead – the VBM provided a service for BRAGI, one of the guys that the PCs are in pursuit of, and they want to “ask” some questions. Hmm … since I want this to end up being a shoot-out, I could already have the assaulting team – Baum, Lynch, Mahoney – fully re-equipped (having taken care of that stuff off-camera) and let the players decide how they assault this stuff. Baum, for example, is a fantastic sniper … when the player remembers that, so they could have him sniping from cover and concealment while Lynch and Mahoney go in on foot or crash in with a vehicle. Again, I’d like to play this fast and loose without a tactical map, but after the mess that was the bathroom fight in 2×10, I’ve learned that lesson and will have a map standing by as needed. Which means I need to determine location – I’m tempted to have it be at a warehouse … but those are sooooo boring and it might be more interesting if it was set in one of Muscat’s luxury hotels.

Considering how our previous fights have gone, I can probably expect that this entire encounter will take the entire session, but I’m going to try and determine what the next step is in Part 2 of this post.