Mon. Jan 30th, 2023

Man, I’ve sort of written myself into a corner here. At the conclusion of the previous episode, I basically gave the PCs four options for where to go next … and I have no idea which one they’re going to choose! This means that I basically need to plan out four different adventure paths! Even worse, I’ve been horribly, horribly lazy this week, so I’m way, way behind…

Okay. Trying to focus. Before we get there, I’ll need to do some recap/reminder to the players:

  • PCs have all been ordered by their respective agencies to come in immediately for debrief. The phrasing and tenseness in speakers sends alarms.
  • Lynch has learned that Ta’iz was target of major biological attack and US govt has quietly disavowed ConsOps as two of their agents have been identified as the parties responsible. All agencies that have lent people to ConsOps are discreetly pulling them in for extensive “debrief”…
  • McKay goes radio silent. Riggs remains radio silent. (Is he a bad guy? He just might be…)
  • PCs have relocated to a “CIA” safehouse in Dubai.
    • Vladimir has been handed over to doctors – his injuries are sufficiently severe that they believe that waking him for any form of interrogation has a high probability of being lethal so it is strongly opposed. (He’s at -11hp, out of 10hp, so he’s in “critical” condition.)
    • Reilly has also been stabilized – he’s at -10hp of 12. Presuming First Aid applied, he could theoretically be at -4hp.
      • If Interrogated, he is visibly disoriented and confused, waffling back and forth between a Fanatic and the Reilly they recall. With each question, roll Fate Die – on +, he’s helpful, on -, he’s actively against them, and on a blank, he’s just confused.
      • Scans (MRI?) could reveal some strange anomalies in his brain (if this is available); even if it’s not, the medical guys reveal that they’ve discovered some oddness about him – his responses to various stimuli are atypical. The medical types are convinced that something has been done to him and, since they’re CIA, one of them should mention the whole MKUltra stuff.
      • Not sure what all they’re going to get from him considering the before-mentioned disorientation, not to mention he was basically just being used as muscle. He’s aware that Breznikov (aka C/S: LOKI) was supposed to go to Ta’iz, Yemen to take over “Phase Three of The Project” (he doesn’t know what the Project is, only that BRAGI … who he knows only as Sir, was coordinating with multiple parties about this) and a Russian kill-team was sighted in the region.
  • At least one of the players has indicated wanting to do some additional research/intel analysis based on what they’ve learned; I’ll have to play that by ear and see what they’re trying to learn/find out.
  • Continuing the hunt for BRAGI is possible as well, though they know he’s a master of disguise now so they’re not going to know exactly who he looks like … which I can totally play with during the safehouse thing.
    • For example, one of the people at the safehouse could get a phone call, then seek out a SMG to shoot up the place because their “compliance will be rewarded.”
    • I’ll only do that if things start getting bogged down ala Raymond Chandler’s “when in doubt, have a man come through the door with a gun in his hand.”

As stated, there are four Probable Targets:

TA’IZ, YEMEN – this is the closest to the PCs currently, but has been officially quarantined due to what is being reported as a massive outbreak of cholera by the UN who are working with the Yemen government. 

  • Ideally, I need to push this as the first destination so the PCs have firsthand knowledge of what this bioweapon will do for down the road.
  • Research will reveal that WHO personnel have been sighted entering Ta’iz in full hazmat gear, but later exiting without it (so whatever the problem is, it isn’t airborne.)
  • Gaining entrance is still possible because the PCs are awesome and GRAYSON can probably identify where in the city they need to go based on Vladimir’s phone records.
  • If not done as the first destination, this option goes away due to the weaponized encephalitis burning out.
  • Presuming the PCs do enter this first, they find intel indicating that LOKI was supposed to come here after the Perseus/Pegasus thing, but his destination was changed at the last minute and he was redirected to Europe. 
  • The warehouse that they’re seeking out is going to have already been hit by the
  • This is ultimately going to become a zombie survival scene once the PCs arrive when they encounter the Infected inhabitants of the city.

RIGA, LATVIA – Meeting with “The Serbian.” 

  • This is The White Queen from Top Secret/NWO. He responds positively to Grayson, suspiciously to everyone else; PCs could get around this by only having Grayson actually meet him while the rest are loitering as backup. 
  • If informed that Vladimir is incapacitated/injured, Andros immediately begins making plans to take over his “old friend’s” organization. He’ll even hint at bringing Grayson on…
  • Leads to a street shoot-out and a boat insertion

BERLIN, GERMANY – investigate shipment of material to Vladimir’s warehouse

  • This should probably be closer to endgame.
  • After arriving at Berlin, redirected elsewhere?
  • I currently don’t have a lot here, so I’m very much hoping they don’t go there.
  • If absolutely necessary, I’ll direct them toward a warehouse where they can get into a shoot-out with some Bad Dudes, then learn that Phase 4 is hitting the G7 conference … and Berlin itself.

ASTANA, KAZAKASTAN – overdue shipment of material to holding facility

  • I currently don’t know what happens here if they opt to go there … luckily, this seems like an unlikely option.