Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

With the firefight from last week having taken much longer than expected, much of the stuff from the previous gameprep post stands, but as I stated in the recap for 2.12, I’m currently leaning toward starting the session with a Chase. Logically, it needs to begin with the PCs fleeing from the safehouse, but being observed by UAE/Dubai LEOs and then pursued … so, easy enough. The problem, I think, is that a regular car Chase is just kind of boring. That means I need to find a way to spice it up.

Splitting the PCs up is probably a decent way to do that, like the vehicles they have access to aren’t big enough for the entire party, so they have to split up. Looking at the stats, seems that Baum is the best Automobile driver in the group now that Vega is dead – he’s got a 15, everyone else has a 12, though Lynch also has Motorcycle at 12 – so splitting them up is viable since my pursuers aren’t going to have higher than -12 in their Driving (Automobile) either. So … three Jeeps available outside the safehouse and with four PCs + 2 NPCs (one of which is critically injured) + 1 corpse … yeah. They’d have to split up … unless they decide “Doc, you take the dead gal and the injured dead while we run that way” … in which case, the doc will be caught by the Dubai cops. And Reilly will die because he won’t get any medical attention during the time that the Doc is driving.

Regardless, a Chase happens. Cops will be in regular cars and/or motorcycles. I need to find a way to make it more than just a chase … maybe turn it into a three-way chase with the PCs, the Dubai cops, and unknown mercenaries? That seems a little out of nowhere … or does it really? If the dead CIA officer received a phone call from BRAGI or one of his operatives to ‘activate’ her, then it stands to reason that they could also dispatch other assets to ensure the job was done. Yeah. So not only is it a three-way chase with the PCs being pursued by both the local cops and unknown bad guys, but the PCs are theoretically split up into multiple vehicles … this chase could be a mess. Maybe I need to just ditch the splitting up? Or drop the cops …

Okay. Thoughts now: PCs exit from building and immediately come under fire from some mercenary-looking dudes who are just arriving in SUVs. Bad guys shots are crap at the moment, but just a look at them can tell that these dudes are not UAE personnel; they look too European (not Slavic, but European). There are two SUVs with four to six personnel in each one. And the sounds of aproaching sirens can still be heard, so having a shoot-out here is probably a bad idea. If PCs seem like they’re leaning toward that, I’ll have one of them note that a helicopter with police markings appears to be en route as well.

Who are these guys? Just mercs. They’ve been paid a crapton of money to take out these dudes. Enough money that they could risk Dubai LEOs. So … Chase happens.

And then, once they manage to escape, the PCs can do whatever it is they’re going to do that lets them head toward Yemen and Ta’iz. I covered a lot this in the previous GamePrep for 2.12.