Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

So … I’m in between running games and in a bit of a weird state. I was absolutely ready to be done with the ConsOps game by the last couple of sessions, but now, I’m jonesing to be back in the GM chair, particularly with the Verge game. Unfortunately, I can’t really do a lot but work on setting stuff since we’re doing the Session 0 to develop characters probably after the first of the year. Normally, I build the game around the characters, so this will be a different mindset I need to get into.

Factor in also the rapid approach of the “stupid season” … my dad passed away back in ’91 around X-Mas so I have certain sense memories tied to this abysmal holiday & it doesn’t help that I’ve got some weirdo friends who are the insane happy-happy-glee-glee types about Christmas (and seem to be unable to comprehend how much I actively loath it.)

So I’m in an odd mood. I’m trying to force my brain into something useful but alas…