Wonder Woman 1984 trailer

Looks pretty interesting. I will admit to not really caring much about her relationship with Steve Trevor, but then, I’m the same when it comes to Superman & Lois Lame. I believe Pedro Pascal is playing Maxwell Lord, so it seems highly likely to me that the Trevor in this actually isn’t Trevor in some capacity since Max is a telepath in the comics; it’s still a toss-up whether Trevor isn’t here at all & Diana is simply imagining him or whether he’s someone entirely different that she’s been conditioned to see/hear as Trevor. Don’t have enough to go on with the Cheetah angle – that’s the other lady talking to her … I want to say Kristen Wiig? But still, Gal Gadot is once again as insanely charismatic as she has been previously …

Wonder if this is going to be another sort of soft reboot?


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