Game Prep: The Verge, 1×03

As stated previously, I’m using a modified version of “Marooned on Marduk” and the PCs have survived the crash.

I’ve gone ahead and decided to officially replace the garinaembreight with the moorwen from the Jim Cavizel Outlander movie principally because the original critter was basically just a big wolf and that’s kind of boring. I’ve tweaked the stats to reflect the creature in the movie a bit – it’s got more hits (50 instead of 29) and armour (5), but there are only going to be about three of them total. Maybe four if the PCs get super awesome with firepower.

The people who will show up are not going to be completely backwards natives tech level-wise like they are in the original material, but are going to be basically “survivalists” who just want to be left alone. Because I wanted to officially call the creature doraneko (which I saw in the Berserk manga; it translates to dragon-cat), I’m making them all ethnically Japanese. I’m not really planning on using them entirely as fodder for the doraneko so I don’t eat PCs – after all, I did tell everyone that the “safeties” were off in this campaign – but I likely will kill off a couple so everyone knows that the situation is dire.

I mostly expect surviving the night while surrounded by the doraneko to be be the bulk of the session, but in case they do manage to blow through this section with relative ease, the next part takes them into chapter four of the Islands in the Rift adventure from Mongoose wherein they’ve found the ship they were looking for, but it’s going to cost them an insane amount of money to get it off the ground and they’re being watched by the very entities who are responsible for the disappearances/deaths of the rest of the crew. I’ve got elements of the High and Dry adventure in this as well, with the location being Central Lake, the “capital” of Nyx, and I’m leaning toward the PCs learning that all but one of the other crew is dead & their bodies recovered. In the source material for Islands in the Rift, the previous (dead) crew were intelligence operatives for the Imperium, so I’m likely going to have the missing crewmember be the spook, though I haven’t decided whether s/he got away before the rest of the crew was nabbed & interrogated to death.

Finally, as I’m re-reading Caliban’s War, the second book of the Expanse series, I’m thinking of using the “explosive charge goes off in the cargo bay, causing near complete power outage, uncontrolled spin (since we’re in space), and the PCs have to fix all this (while ideally injured.) I’ve also thought of having a ship on approach vector to “lend assistance” but Anya, who mysteriously has a high-tech computer implant and NI Jack equiv, could receive a warning message from her secret Patron (that the character is still ignorant of) that they’re not here to help at all.

But that’s at least one session, maybe two, away.