Game Prep: The Verge, 1×05

So one of the players – Anya’s – is out tomorrow due to some familial stuff she can’t get out of. Her husband is supposed to be present and, as far as I can tell, everyone else is going to be there as well, so it’s game-on.

I covered my GM Notes in the adventure recap over on the Portals site, and don’t really have a lot to add to it.

We didn’t really have a great ending point last week – the PCs had discovered the LFC-101 and everyone was finally out of the hospital; Ilik nearly died on the table during surgery thanks to the player rolling utter crap, but he was finally okay – and they had a bit of a plan for forward movement, but that was it. In retrospect, I should have cut to several mysterious and partially unseen figures watching them so the players were aware that someone was keeping an eye on them, but alas…

As stated, we’re moving into a little bit of the “Islands in the Rift” adventure from Mongoose with some inevitable changes. This week, there’s going to be a bit of work necessary to get the LFC-101 flyable again and Ephraim’s player wants to continue digging into the only member of the missing crew who is unaccounted for; as I’m planning on having her show back up later in the campaign (likely the next Adventure, in fact), I’ve got to figure out a way to get that line of investigation to end without them just shrugging and giving up on it … the logical option is that they find a recording or something of her sneaking aboard a different transport but I’m not keen on that. Maybe I could have a body turn up that sort of matches her description? At TL9, though, DNA scan is pretty easy to fake…

Anyway, PCs are also going to potentially become aware that they’re under surveillance as well as finding more than enough money to get the ship off the ground. Much depends on how long they drag this out, but I expect it’s a couple of days at the least before they’re airborne.

There also exists the possibility of them locating the breaching charge that’s secreted on the ship, but it’s cleverly concealed enough that they might not actually find it – I’m leaning toward applying Bane to an “unknown” roll so all PCs roll 3d and drop the highest so I can adjudicate that way. Of course, this means a player might roll 3 sixes in which case … yeah. They probably find it at which point Rostya is likely to make the effort to disarm and remove it; per the RAW, if he fails that roll by 4 or more, it goes off. They might theoretically also call in the locals … at which point, they can wave goodbye to another week as multiple LEOs will want to talk to them, especially since they were connected to the recent crash-landing of a shuttle. Congrats! You’re now all persons of interest!

Presuming they don’t locate the bomb, then a little bit beyond 24 hours after they’ve departed Nyx, it’s going to go off, crippling the ship and putting it into a wild, uncontrolled spin. This will lead to a Task Chain as they race to get the hole patched up, the reactor restarted, and the spin stopped. Ideally, all of the characters are so busy that they’re not going to notice that Anya is missing … because she got blown out into space! Luckily for her, she’s going to survive … in fact, I’d actually like to begin the next session with her getting blown out into space and discovering to her disbelief that she’s actually … not dying? I’m planning on ripping off the plot for Two (Portia Lin) from “Dark Matter” for her and the player actually sort of set it in motion with some of her backstory elements.

Depending on what time it is in the session, I may also include a surprise boarding action by a handful of piratical types who will eventually be revealed to be mercs hired by someone who greatly resembles Rostya’s Enemey (a Cult leader who Rostya’s military unit was going after). They’re not super awesome – none of them have more than Vacc Suits, accelerator rifles, snub pistols and cutlasses – but their sudden arrival could theoretically cause a lot of havoc and chaos.

So … interesting times, I suppose.