Chase Cards

During the previous session (1×05), we stumbled into a chase as two of the characters noted that they were being shadowed and, upon failing to shake their pursuers, instead opted to simply walk toward them. Said pursuers immediately turned and tried to escape, which led to the before-mentioned chase. At first, I wasn’t entirely sure what to do, but luckily, I remembered that I had the Chase Cards that Paizo put out for Pathfinder some years ago. It took a little bit of rejiggering since d20 mechanics don’t exactly translate to Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition, but overall, it worked okay.

Essentially, you lay out a number of cards determining the expected length of the chase (typically 5) that are face-down which creates the “chase track.” You flip over the first card with chase participants (miniatures) on it; to progress to the next card, the participant must overcome the obstacle according to the card (although obviously, what’s on the cards are general guidelines, not hard-and-fast rules.) Since there were two distinct chases taking place at the same time, I had two tracks, and the guys they were pursuing begin one card ahead. It wasn’t perfect, but it worked out fairly well.

Unfortunately, those cards are also quite obviously geared for a fantasy setting which was not wholly appropriate for this game. This led me to start thinking about making my own chase cards for Traveller that fits more the setting. The below is what I’ve come up with so far, but I’m sort of working on the next batch now upon learning that there are even more cards with the Chase Cards 2: Hot Pursuit stuff…