Overdue GamePrep for 1×06

This week has been really weird. I’ve been busy at work, but not so busy that I couldn’t work on my game yet, for some reason, I just haven’t. Residual issues from last week, I suppose.

Overall, I expect this to be a relatively simple session that basically boils down to:

  • Emergency repair task chain
  • Anya finding herself in space … without a suit … and surviving
  • Dealing with the boarding action
  • Dealing with the survivors of the boarding action

The repair task chain is actually something I’m sort of looking forward to. I’ve got it basically down to:

  • Donning suits – Vacc Suit (DEX) – normally, you don’t have to make a check for this, but with the ship in its uncontrolled spin, this time they do.
  • Gaining access to engineering – one PC is already back there, but the vacuum door has sealed so the others have to manually open it (Avg Ath (STR)).
  • Patching the hole – I stole this part from “The Crowded Hours” – Very Difficult Mechanic check while atmo being sucked out; only Difficult if atmo evacuated which requires an Avg Eng (Life Support). One person does it but others can add their STR or DEX bonus (or minimum +1) to assist.
  • Reboot the reactor (Avg Elec (Computers))
  • Fix the thrusters – Avg Mech check
  • Get out of the actual spin – Avg Pilot check.

This will obviously take a lot of time for the PCs.

Anya finds herself out there in space, sucking vacuum … but not dying. She also experiences some deja vu flashbacks from her period of missing time & realizes this has happened to her before. There will be some sort of pressurized gear or something that she can use to get back to the ship which came tumbling out of the boat when she did, but as she does, she’ll be able to see the two slapped together boarding skiffs. I should have gotten this set from 0-hr.com and used the Remora boarding craft, but oh well. Instead, I’m using the Akela shuttles with the caveat that they’re slapped together pieces of crap. So she may counter-board the boarders … I’m planning on having her learn about the counter-boarders secretly – the player has Facebook on her phone, so I’m going to send her a message relating that to her.

I’m leaning toward not telling her why she survived at the moment with it becoming a continuing mystery to her, but effectively, she’s a “full body transplant” from the Central Supply Catalog book (p88) except with inferior physical stats.

As to the boarding, there are a total of 6 hostiles. I’m using the stats for the captain/leader, pilot, and one of the thugs from the Beltstrike adventure, though these dudes are mostly carrying snub pistols (since they can be used in zero-g; the leader has an accelerator rifle) and cutlasses. If two or more of the boarders are taken out, the rest will desperately try to retreat. I expect this fight to take up the bulk of the session but really need to keep in mind what happens if the PCs get their asses handed to them; all of them are already wounded due to bombing earlier …

Dealing with any of the boarding survivors will eat up the rest of the session. Who do they work for? They know him only as ‘Father’ and he hired them to hit the PCs; they were expecting to follow them to Zernebog Radical and ambush them there, but saw an opportunity and acted. Should the PCs take these guys to a nearby PKF facility, the slapped together shuttles will be seized as evidence along with the weapons. If they keep them aboard until they reach Zernebog Radical, basically the same thing will happen…

And that will conclude “adventure 1.” Next up will be some Interludes (that include the “Cupbearer” adventure from the Expanse RPG Quickstart) before we progress into Beltstrike #1…