Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

I sincerely don’t know how some people manage to do this on a daily basis. I guess my life just isn’t interesting enough.

Gaming continues – no game this week due to absences but I think I have four to five sessions remaining before The Verge goes on hiatus; I’m shooting for five so that way, I’ll have an even 20 sessions of this run. After that, we’re returning to Kingmaker (Pathfinder) for a bit and then … Aces & Eights, I think? We’ll see.

The Saturday virtual game I’m a member of (using Fantasy Grounds & TeamSpeak) just got upended due to a player (and his wife) leaving for reasons that were unrelated to our game but linked somehow to another player. I don’t know the specifics and don’t want to know because it looks like internet drama. It certainly mixes up the pot a bit. Am I curious about what caused this drama? Absolutely. But it doesn’t involve me (that I’m aware of), so … moving on.

The real world continues to burn like a dumpster fire. I’m quite glad that I live in ‘flyover country’ so I’m spared the worst of the rioting and idiots. Granted, we’re also a Constitutional Carry state, so I wonder if that has any effect in the relative lack of insurrectionist nonsense locally?

Regarding my Verge game, originally I was going to be ripping off “The Dying Ship” for the Coriolis RPG, but now I’m just using elements of that and essentially halving the amount of time that the PCs are likely going to be on the boat in question (which has also been replaced with the Kagekumo by Ryan Wolfe.) This adventure is also going to see the PCs get their own ship in the form of the Arikara variant of the Lakota (also by Ryan), which immediately leads into a confrontation with the “law” that will culminate in them being at a certain location when things really go to crap. If you read through last week’s recap, you’ll note that the entire Moros system seems to have been blowing up … well, its going to get a lot worse and, if everything goes the way I’d like it to, we’ll end my run with the PCs being forced to make an emergency “jump” out of system to avoid getting blown up, ideally with a bunch of relatively important NPCs aboard.

Interesting times, I suppose…