GURPS: Monster Hunters game in the queue

So, the more I dug into the Traveller: Deepnight Revelation stuff, the more I discovered that it needed additional work. Like frankly too much of Mongoose stuff, it seems half-baked in some parts and overbaked in others. Considering I was going to have to convert it to GURPS for the Saturday group, I was getting to the point of going “Ugh…”

With that in mind, I checked with the players who agreed to do something else … which is going to be a Monster Hunters game instead. I’m currently planning on having it be something of a spiritual successor to my Red Sky game for the F2F group. Currently looking at using the Future/Perfect, Part 1 adventure for Delta Green as the first adventure, then flow into the game proper. I’ve started spinning up an Obsidian Portals for the game … there’s not much there at the moment as most of it is placeholder stuff.

But yeah, I’m really looking forward to this game!

Back From Camping

And after Colorado, Oklahoma is so very flat and boring and dull.  The area I was in (Blue Mountain near Lake George) was so beautiful that I wanted to move there, despite knowing that one day of a proper winter would lead to me noping right out. That said, I drove through at least one town that felt like it was bleeding Hipster which was just too much.

Now, I just need to win the lottery so I can buy or build a summer home there … but that would require me to actually play to lottery so …