Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

So, progress is being made.

As noted previously, I’ve spun up an Obsidian Portals site; this is the site in question. Its obviously still a WIP, but progress is slowly being made. I’m liking how its coming together…

I now have three and a half solid character concepts. Waiting for two basic concepts and one ‘flesh out what he’s playing’ concepts beyond ‘research monkey.’ As it stands right now, I’ve got:

  • Finlay Byrne – this is the “half” concept character. All of the information currently there is outdated and thus, obsolete. We know that his parents were Venatori Umbrorum who died, and that he blames the White Council, but I know nothing else about the character yet. The player is notoriously super quiet during play, so I’m unsure what direction he’s going to go.
  • Hugh MacArthur – body-swapped DEA officer turned holy avenger. The information there is accurate and the PC is pretty nearly done the last I saw of it.
  • Raymond Hurt – former Special Forces soldier, now something of an Experiment using Garou DNA. Information there is accurate if outdated. This character was used in a GURPS: Action game that I ran and was shot in the head but survived – I think he was like 2 or 3 points away from insta-death, but he made all of the required survival rolls. Player is intending on using elements from the Experiment stuff
  • Unnamed – new character. Base concept is a local law enforcement officer (LEO) who was fed upon by a Black Court vampire, but was not Turned as the feeding was interrupted somehow. I’m going the Lost Boys route here and having him be half-Turned so he can take the Dhampir racial template from MH1 with the caveat that if he dies during play, he’s going to rise as a Black Court vampire.

No idea whatsoever about the other two characters. One player is really new to the group – he joined like two sessions ago – and the other originally suggested an Inhuman (Ghost), but Ghosts don’t work well as PCs with the Dresden Files basis, so God only knows what he’s going to end up playing …