Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

So, after a lot of griping and complaining and general pressure, I’ve got at least the basics for all the PCs for the upcoming Monster Hunters game. Only one hasn’t been “cast” or named yet, and two of them don’t really have background stories, but its progress.

The group as its construed looks like this:

  • Draven Ryder
    • No backstory yet
    • He’s clearly the Muscle of group with ST 19 (!). He’s also got a stupid expensive katana ($20K!) to go with Weapon Master. Kind of a jerk though – Bad Temper, Bully, Callous – so that’ll be interesting…
  • Finlay Byrne
    • He’s the research monkey, but we also gave him Psychometry and Spirit Communication just for entertainment level.
    • His mother was Turned by a Red Court vampire, though he thought she’d died and only just learned the truth. So he’s obsessed with discovering a way to turn her back human (which as we discovered in the Dresden Files, that’s pretty unlikely.)
  • Hugh MacArthur
    • He’s our crusader, though the player is intending on running him as initially ignorant of his abilities. He’s also sort of a “local” boy with a daughter and baby-momma in Apocalypse.
    • As to background, his is super convoluted that involves the Soul of Arthur Hughes being “gripped tight and raised from Perdition” by Not-Castiel and shoved into the dead Meat of Hugh MacArthur, an old friend turned confidential informant within a biker gang who actually also shot & killed Arthur before being gunned down himself. And the angel was nearly destroyed in the process and has also left scraps of itself in the body (hence the Mysticism powers).
  • Raymond Hurt
    • Former Special Forces operator turned Experiment using werewolf DNA. He’s the team’s shooter, but has some special abilities – regeneration, discriminatory smell, ultrahearing, night vision, etc.
    • This character was actually an active PC in a different Action! game though he took a bullet to the head and somehow survived the death rolls. Current story is that he was given an experimental (and illegal) treatment that worked on him, then got recruited by the secret government agency that shut down those illegal experiments. So he’s still a Company man.
  • Will Graham
    • Gunslinger and Investigator. Former FBI agent who grew disillusioned with the Bureau and quit; now a member of New Mexico State Police.
    • While attending Quantico, he answered a phone call that turned out to be from a serial killer known only as “Charles” and this killer haunted his entire Bureau career. They had one actual face-to-face meeting that left Will badly injured.
  • Unnamed Sheriff’s Deputy
    • Inhuman (Dhampir) and sheriff’s deputy.
    • Not a lot of backstory here yet apart from him being Fed upon by a Black Court vamp who was stopped from completely draining him. As a result, the PC gained some abilities and wants to find the Black Court vamp to kill it in the hopes that’ll turn him back human.

So … a pretty interesting group … and a very powerful one. Going to be interesting to see how easily they power through a lot of enemies…