Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

So, we’ve officially passed the (expected) halfway point. I’ve been moderately satisfied with how everything has played out thus far, with some occasional hiccups or “why the heck did I do it like that?” We’ve had a string of recurring absences, which has made advancing some subplots more difficult, but its not been as bad as when I ran Red Sky for the F2F group where it legitimately felt like we’d play one week, then have to take two to three off due to scheduled absences, then repeat. Thus far, no sessions have had to be cancelled due to players being out. Some other thoughts thus far:

  • When I told everyone it was going to be slow burn, I may have underestimated exactly how slow burn it is. Sometimes, I feel like its too slow but, in these kinds of games, that’s how I run …
  • The back half of the season should be a little more actiony and I’ve mostly got a nominal outline:
    • 1×07 – “Faith Based” – PCs are trying to locate an abducted NPC who at least three PCs have ties to. Culminates (ideally) in a fight with a monster that might actually kill one of the PCs if they’re dumb. One PC will brush up against something and …
    • 1×08 – “Graven Images” – Flashback of sorts. Set during Crusade-era with each player taking role of a founding Templar. Going to face off (properly) against a Denarian.
    • 1×09 – “Lost Boys” or “Lost Girl” – Continued hunt for missing girl. PCs locate her, face off against a bunch of mini-demons while the perpetrators escape (only to get whacked by other parties.)
    • 1×10 – “Name TBD” – Aftermath of the rescue. PCs interrogated by cops (’cause perps are dead), celebrated by non-LEOs. Intending on pushing PCs toward digging into the local factory.
    • 1×11 – “Blood Feuds” – At the end of 1×05, a crazy dude stabbed the dhampir PC and was promptly shot (a lot) by locals. Now, he’s back, but is a full-on Black Court Vampire. This session is currently intended on taking place during a monthly festival that (ideally) happens around Halloween.
    • 1×12 – “Dead Line” – Season finale. Likely continuing the above pursuit, but should also set up season 2 subplots involving surviving PCs. Dhampir PC could theoretically die in this session as his sire could show up and absolutely dominate.
  • As you can see, this is only the briefest of outlines and honestly, 10, 11 and 12 might change as we get to them.

I’ve also requested vacation time so I can go camping for the week immediately after episode 12, so this is a pretty tight schedule, particularly since I already reserved the camp site.