Mon. Jan 30th, 2023

Closing in on the “season finale” which is good cause my brain has definitely started to ‘shift gears.’ In the Friday F2F group, I’m going to be running Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay in the near future so the brain has started thinking along those lines and I’m trying desperately to keep it on track.

This coming Saturday, probably half of the session is going to be spent in fights of various kind, at least one of which has the potential of being a stupid long one since the ‘dueling parties’ both have Dodges of 13 or 14. I’ve actually got things in mind to mitigate that and can always flub a critical roll here or there as necessary … though with how Fantasy Grounds usually plays out, I doubt that’ll be necessary. It boils down to:

  • Super Amped Ray Hurt (PC) vs Garou Warrior
  • Draven Ryder, Finlay Byrne, and Hugh McArthur vs some gangbanger types plus a Red Court Infected guy
  • Erik Lopez likely in a Chase and being pursued by Black Court spawn (so newbie vampires)

With the first one, Hurt has drank a concoction that would kill anyone who doesn’t already have a healing factor (Regeneration) of some sort, and I essentially gave him the crazy high Garou template, then removed or disabled inappropriate elements (Fur, Bestial, Semi-Upright, etc.) This fight could normally last forever – both characters have Regeneration (10/sec), DR 15 and Injury Tolerance (DR (2/)), but one of Hurt’s … girlfriends has weighted the fight in his favor by giving him a silver weapon that effectively ignores the first two attributes.

The second is a follow-up to something I screwed up last week where McArthur declared he was going to follow a guy, I noted that, then completely forgot about it. So that guy is making a reappearance and brought some buddies.

And the third bit is because last week, Erik was two hours plus away from the other PCs.

Once the fights are over, we’ll move on to other dramatic points:

  • Hurt is going to be a father. With three different women. Maybe more.
  • McArthur’s “daughter” has just killed someone with magic, a violation of the Laws of Magic.
  • Finlay has to do his grimoire recovery mission.
  • Erik arrives in Apocalypse, interacts with family and is misidentified by his sister (who is effectively a Slayer) as a probable agent of bad guys.
  • Ryder is going to be pointed toward possibility of vampires coming to town.

My plan for the finale is to have it start out as a cat-and-mouse chase inside the Halloween festival in downtown Apocalypse that will, ideally, devolve into chaos and murder and mayhem where, again ideally, each of the PCs will end up in different “zones” so they can’t all concentrate fire.

Time will tell if I can make it work or not…