Mon. Jan 30th, 2023

Made it back from the Turkey Day vacation with the sisters late on Sunday and I’m just now starting to feel “recovered.” Some general thoughts:

  • 17 hours on the road is absurd. I made the right call when I decided to break it up into two parts with a motel stay at the end of day 1, but I should have done a better job of splitting the trip up. From home to Birmingham, AL, is 10 hours, but it’s only 7 hours from there to Ocala, FL, so it was dark when I arrived in AL the first time, but only around 1500 the second time.
  • Atlanta is the worst place to drive. THE. WORST.
  • Sirius XM is a Godsend for a long trip.
  • Driving through Mississippi (I think?) with Oklahoma tags resulted in a state trooper pulling me over and flat out lying about the speed he caught me going. He said it was 78mph but I had the cruise control set at 70 and my GPS said I was fluctuating between 70 and 71. I think it was probably due to OK have the medical marijuana passed and he wanted to check to see if I was smuggling. He let me go with a warning, but still…
  • On the trip back, Arkansas was the worst in terms of roads.

Finally, I was once again reminded of how little I have in common with most of my family and was, frankly, glad to be back on the road when I was. That said, I wonder … is it bad form to tell your brother-in-law that his sister is quite attractive and her daughters – 17 and 21, respectively – were pretty but actually not as hot as his sister? Asking for a friend.

Now back to the daily grind and general blah of my everyday life. Thanks for reminding me how mediocre my life is, family.