Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

This coming Friday – 13 Jan – we’ll be doing 1.03 which is Oldenhaller Contract proper. I skipped over pretty much all of the stuff from Act 1 which sets stuff up, because I handled it differently. The PCs will be entering the Asylum proper where shenanigans and hijinks await.

This is still not the campaign proper, though. I wanted to run a couple of scenarios beforehand so we could determine as a group if we actually like the system enough to actually continue with the campaign.

Will be down one character as she’s going to be on a beach … which makes me quite jealous.

The group itself is something of a surprise as we actually have more Academics than anything else:

  • Aesolwing – high elf Academic (Wizard)
  • Bianca – human Ranger (Entertainer)
  • Peregrinus – human Academic (Lawyer)
  • Walther – human Riverfolk (Smuggler)
  • Willela – human Ranger (Witch Hunter)
  • Khegheruk – dwarf Academic (Engineer)

Originally, Aesolwing’s player was running a Warrior (Warrior Priest of Ulric) but he retired the character after the first real fight because the character wasn’t going to be a good fit with the group. I allowed the Wizard, but I’m a little concerned that the player isn’t particularly focused on the game. I understand he was actually playing a video game on his laptop during the session last week and if that persists, I’m going to have to call him out on that.

Khegheruk’s player is Peregrinus’ player’s son (and Aesolwing’s player’s little brother), and he just joined on Friday. At 14 (I think?), time will tell if he can be focused enough on the game to actually be an effective player yet…