Session 0: All Hands on Deck!

So, looks like I’m going to have the entire group present. Things are about to get real.

Amusingly enough, while discussing character options with one of the players, I think I’ve accidentally developed an unholy union of the Mentats, the Bene Gesserit, the Suk school (all from Dune) and the Companions from Firefly. It’s early in the creative process, but one of the players is looking at using the Psionic Community feature from the Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition Traveller Companion, so I needed to figure out what is up with this community in the Moros setting. Which led to the current creative mess.

Luckily, I don’t think this is going to really come up at first – unless the PC does something really, really weird on me – and I have to scramble, so I’ve got time to figure things out more in depth. Although, to be honest, I still haven’t quite figured out what the first fricking adventure is going to be yet so there’s that as well. I’m currently leaning toward a modified version of the Marches Adventure 1: High and Dry (probably with some bits ripped from the Great Rift Adventure 1: Islands in the Rift at the beginning.) Not a bunch of combat, but definitely some action to deal with…

Confirmed: Session 0 of The Verge is this Friday

I certainly don’t feel ready, that’s for sure. I don’t expect we’ll get any actual RP done since it’s character creation and we have to determine who the characters actually are first. We may also be down a player that session, depending on something to do with his wife, and we’ll definitely be out one the week after, but that’s fine, I think.

So … the inevitable pre-game jitters are setting in.

Shooting Today & Verge Session 0 Scheduled

So, we didn’t get as much done with last night’s NBA (Night’s Black Agents) game as I expected – everyone, including the GM, was pretty busy goofing off – but we’re ostensibly scheduled to probably finish up his run next week (10 Jan), which means 17 Jan is probably going to be my session 0. We’ll see.

Whole mess of us went to the gun range today and I put about 350 rounds through my pistol. Accuracy was not terrible I definitely was having to aim more to the right than I should have. I’m going to research online exactly what that portends … I really need to attend a pistol marksmanship class or something, but ultimately, I suspect I’m probably okay. It isn’t like I actually expect to get into a gunfight any time soon.

I’m also planning on trying to resume the gym attendance starting Monday … though, man. I freaking hate going to the gym.

Back to Work

Huzzah. Back to work after the long drive yesterday. I’ve had worse drives – coming from Florida to Oklahoma was brutal – but it was still basically six hours in a car alone. Blech. This was also the first time I’ve rented a car where I didn’t spring for the SiriusXM, so I had to rely on my CDs (which I had to actually find in my normal car) to cover a pretty large swath of Kansas where I couldn’t find a decent radio station.

So … here I am. Back to the grind. Rah.

Now I need to get working on my Verge game again…

6 Hours in the Car…One-way

Tomorrow, I get to roll out of bed really early and head up to Misery … er … Missouri, where my baby sister lives. Originally, I was going to drive up there today, but one of my co-workers abruptly needed to be off today because his wife’s family pulled some scheduling shenanigans, so I came in. I was also going to drive my actual car up there but last week, I had to put air in the tires and noted how messed up they are … so I’m renting a car instead. Picking it up after work.

Not really looking forward to the drive, but it’s family. What are you going to do, right?

Witcher Netflix

I’m up to episode 7 and man, I’m really liking this show. I do consider it an indictment on the DC universe movies, though, in that Henry Cavill’s Geralt is 1000x more interesting than the Mopeyman that they gave us which I completely blame on the writers and director(s) of shit like Murderman v Mopeyman. If only they gave him actual material to work with!

Gaming Hiatus…

X-Mas season is upon us so that means the next couple of Fridays & Saturdays aren’t gaming nights since most of the other players are regular people who have spouses and sometimes kids as well. So I get to figure out what to do in the interim.