Game Prep: The Verge, 3×05…or Crap. Now What?

This is probably going to be Part 1 of several posts and I try to dig myself out of the hole I dug for myself.

So, we’re likely down one player this Friday – he’s going out of town and said he might be able to play via Fantasy Grounds & Discord from the hotel, but wasn’t sure – and where we left off makes it very difficult to have a PC out.

Far worse, however, is my planning for this ep. I’m currently looking at the following outline:

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Game Prep: The Verge’s Big Space Battle

As previously stated, there is a large fleet action on the horizon wherein the three factions (DRN, PKF, and SFC) have a large void battle. A total of 45 warships will be involved. We’ve decided to use Full Thrust: Project Continuum as the rules and, after some discussion, one of the players (who is a big Full Thrust fan) figured out the stats. I’ve plugged those into all of the “Military Vessels” on the Shipyards page, but he also knocked out these very nice tracking sheets for us as well.

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Closing in on Verge (Season) Finale

So, looks like I’ve got three episodes remaining with this season of Verge before I go on hiatus and we play a couple other games. If you have been keeping up with the adventure logs over on my Obsidian Portals site, you’ll be aware that things have been really heating up in the Moros system and I’m continuing along that vein with the rest, so I’ve developed a system along those lines. We’ve also added a new player, though unlike everyone else, he’s playing remotely (being two states away), which means that we’ve incorporated Fantasy Grounds, Discord, a microphone & speakers at the table. It’s been interesting, to say the least.

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Verge Adv2

Fallen out of the habit of updating here – can’t quite figure out why. Probably just general laziness. Anyway … we’re continuing to use Fantasy Grounds for our Traveller game until the Covid-19 overreaction BS dies down; I would be fine actually meeting up to play, but a couple of the players wanted to do the ‘better safe than sorry’ which I still think is overreaction.

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Interesting Times Ahead

So this Friday, our Verge game is going to be using Fantasy Grounds instead of being face-to-face since one of the players’ wife doesn’t want him to venture to the office with this Covid-19 BS. So that’s going to be very interesting…

Since we’re using a new ruleset, I’m keeping gameprep simple: there will be a bar fight, and maybe some of an investigation leading into a revised version of Cupbearer, an Expanse RPG adventure from the Quickstart book.

I fully expect we’re not going to get a lot done due to technical issues, but I could be surprised!

No Game, Plus Dentist Crap

Down a couple of players tonight, so we decided to have a bye week. One of the players pulled an 18-hour work day yesterday and another really needed the night off to prep for his game tomorrow, so I was fine with punting for the day. Plus, I’ve been fighting what I’m about 98% certain isn’t Covid-19 this week, so …

Anyway, the day before yesterday, I went to the dentist to begin dealing with one of my FUBARed teeth. As expected, this is going to be a root canal and I got antibiotics for a week instead … and then, they sent me the treatment plan. Covering all four “quadrants” is going to cost me almost $8300. Ugh. I don’t have that kind of money right now.

Story of my life, I suppose.