Battlefront: Twilight Company

Just finished reading Battlefront: Twilight Company, which is a Star Wars tie-in novel based on the Battlefront video game and … wow. This was a surprisingly good book, especially for a video game tie-in. It was tense, brutal, violent and really showed what the actual war would be like. Very cool book.

What I’ve been reading…

The Warlord Chronicles by Bernard Cornwell. These are really, really good and I wish I’d read them before I started GURPS: Casus Belli because I would have probably changed some things to fit this series (not the least of which being that Morded is Arthur’s half-brother and Uther’s legitimate heir and that Arthur isn’t king in this, but the equivalent of “War Duke”). Cornwell does a great job of twisting the original story to fit his narrative and I love what he’s done with some of the characters. Lancelot, for example, is a cowardly shitbag who has awesome PR. No, seriously, he’s paid heralds and bards to talk him up to the modern take on him, which is awesome.

I am making some minor adjustments to existing Casus Belli stuff due to this, but fortunately most of that are things that the players haven’t encountered and won’t for a while. The stuff they will run into are mostly the religious strife – Christians versus pagans, which will be interesting considering I have a Churchman PC (Paulus) and a (I think) devout Christian member of The Family (Marcus) while everyone else is pagan.

And ugh … I may resume running this game next week. I am so not ready.