Illness Sucks

Missed a couple of days due to feeling like garbage. Lost the entirety of Tuesday – slept the whole day away – then came in late on Wednesday, then went home at the regular time and crashed straight away. Finally starting to feel normal again but still … blech.

Fallen Off the (Fitness) Wagon

Man, I have done a terrible job of eating right and exercising over the last month or so. Which means I absolutely have to crawl back onto that wagon tomorrow. I’ve been meaning to actually getup early and take the bike over to the river to do 20 miles or so before I drag my carcass into the office (so I can avoid the near 100° temperatures), but I’ve kept putting it off. Well, no mas. Tomorrow, I’m forcing myself back into the habit, even if I end up taking the bike out after work.

Beautiful Day

Today was fricking perfect. Mid to upper 80s, light breeze, sunny … yeah. I took the bike to the river even though I rode it yesterday and the day before. Would have gone for extra distance but one of my cleats was coming loose and I left the Allen wrench at the office…

Biking & Fitness

Been a while since I actually commented on this. Overall, I haven’t lost any progress, really, although I have kind of stalled out at my current weight (which right now, is ~230-235, depending on the day, what I’ve eaten, whether I’ve biked, etc.) I did kind of spike back up to around 240 for a bit, but I’m work back down from that again (weighed in at 232 this morning, even though I kind of splurged yesterday on food.) Ideally, I’d like to actually drop another 10 to 15 lbs before GenCon to get around 215-220, but I have my doubts there.

I haven’t had a lot of those “super crazy long” bike rides like I did earlier, but that’s at least partially due to fact that I put on new pedals that require specialized shoes with cleats that clip-in … and this makes driving in traffic an exercise in suicide management. Thus, I’ve been hitting the river track and going for 12-24 miles (depending on whether I do both sides of the river, or just one.)

This morning, I only managed 14 point something … was going to do both sides (so around 24 to 26 … not sure which) but I was thoroughly exhausted for some reason. Guess I didn’t sleep all that well.

Ah well. Guess I can try and make myself go biking again tomorrow. Maybe force myself to do a minimum of 10 miles every day … that should help shed those pounds I’d like to lose…

Dentist Now A Necessity

Broken tooth starting to really be irritating. Hasn’t reached perma-pain levels, but is definitely inching up that scale. Based on my memories from the previous visit, I expect when I go, they’ll give a prescription for some antibiotics to reduce the pain and gunk causing the pain, then have me come back a week later. Planning on trying to hold out until Monday before I make the visit to sort of extend the money options.

Sadly, I’m still going to have to put this on my card…


Success. Although man, I’m paying for it now. Had a strong wind in my face for more than half the trip and I ended up so exhausted at the end that I walked the final mile in an attempt to avoid the wind issue and to loosen up the kinks in my leg muscles. Thoroughly hate that I live on the second floor right now because … ugh … that sucked.


Was mid-80s on Saturday, so I broke out the bike and tried a new route. Managed a whopping 44-miles. There’s clearly been a big fitness improvement on my end because I didn’t start to really suck wind until 2/3 of the way in, around mile 27 or 28. The next time I try this route (maybe this coming Sunday because it looks to be low-70s), I’m going to swing around Lake Overholser on the way back and try for 50-miles.


One resolution: get in shape. I’ve already gotten a nice good headstart with my current level of weight loss (which I’ve completely gone off the rails today, what with pizza and cheesy bread and a banana split from Braum’s) but I’m planning on resuming the gym visits starting Monday a.m.

I want to be around 215 or less come my birthday at the end of March.