One resolution: get in shape. I’ve already gotten a nice good headstart with my current level of weight loss (which I’ve completely gone off the rails today, what with pizza and cheesy bread and a banana split from Braum’s) but I’m planning on resuming the gym visits starting Monday a.m.

I want to be around 215 or less come my birthday at the end of March.

Day 200 of Weight Loss Program

According to MyFitnessPal, today marks the 200 day point and, while there has been a notable decline in how quickly I’m losing weight – too many ‘screw it. Yes, I will have the cheesecake, thank you’ and ‘OMFG, I think I might murder someone for a Snickers’ days – I am still down around 50 pounds, so there’s that.

This week … er … month has also kind of sucked with regards to gym attendance. Excuses are easy to come by – car trouble, was kind of sick earlier this week – but I am making plans to ramp that back up starting in January (like everyone else). Until then, my gym attendance will still be sporadic – for example, I’ll likely go tonight after work for some overdue cardio.

And finally, thanks to work (as well as general lack of motivation), my plans for Christmas kind of fell through so I’ll be sticking around OKC. Am considering a second viewing of Rogue One, potentially in the Director’s Suite (so I can recline and eat and all that.) Should check to see if that’s available for Christmas Day…

Dental Work

Got the permanent crown put in this a.m. and was very gratified that I didn’t have to pay the entire balance today. Thanks to the car work I had to get done yesterday costs almost immediately what I still owe the dentist.

Gym Rats

Am starting to recognize some of the faces at my gym. Not as many uber hotties as I would like, but then, this is a “no judgment” gym (Planet Fitness) so real gym rats are probably at the Gold’s Gym. Am slowly getting back into the proper mindset, but I must admit that, for a person who really likes biking, I fucking hate the stationary bike. It sucks soooooo bad.

Doesn’t help that NCIS always seems to be on when I’m working out and I’ve tried to swear that show off completely.

Although man, it’s nice to Cote de Pablo again…

Medical Update

Doctor’s appointment this a.m. Was in and out within 10 minutes, excluding time in waiting room (about another 5 minutes.) On one hand, this felt like a waste of time – I went in, got weighed, had my blood pressure taken, waited for a few minutes for the doctor to come in and tell me “Blood pressure medicine is working. See you in six months!” – but on the other, no news is good news, yeah? He did mention my cholesterol is a little high but not so much so that I needed to get more drugs. Something else for me to research, I guess.

Dental Visit & Aftermath

Initial part of root canal is complete. Have to go back next Thursday for the temporary crown (presuming the medication application worked.) Confirmed also that my blood pressure is at least lower, but is still on the high side. Am guessing that I either am still acclimating to that medication or (more likely with my luck) it is not strong enough.

They had to apply epinephrine as part of the initial numbing process and whoa, buddy. I did not like that at all. Nearly as bad as the hydrocodone I have as painkiller right now.

Bright side: haven’t eaten hardly anything today. This is also the dark side as well.

Random Musings

Root canal is scheduled for Thursday. So … huzzah for that. I’m just so terribly eager…

Did the gym thing on Sunday and actually lifted weights. As a result, my muscles have noted this change and strongly disapprove. Really need to go back today and do the lower body sequence so I can spread the pain around.