Fox on the Run

After hearing some of this song on the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 trailer, I wanted to hear the full song and stumbled on this fan vid. And … wow. When Adriana Lima rolls her eyes at 1:34? To quote Jayne Cobb, “I’ll be in my bunk.”

New Soundtracks

After listening to them on YouTube, I went ahead and purchased both soundtracks for Captain America: The Winter Soldier (still the best Marvel movie made) and Captain America: Civil War (the second best Marvel movie.)

And it makes me wonder all over again: how is it that Marvel actually gets Cap while DC actively seems embarrassed over Superman? Seriously, Cap feels more like Supes did in any of his movies (or the two Avengers ones) that Supes did during either Man of Steel or Mopeyman vs Murderman.

No wonder DC is having to do a major reset with their “Batman and his Less Than Super Friends” movie they’re calling Justice League…