Back From GenCon

And, ugh … I am so tired right now. We ended up leaving Indy around 6 and arrived in OKC a little before 5a.m. As it turned out, I was the only one in the car who didn’t get in a quick nap – just couldn’t actually force myself to drift off like everyone else […]

GenCon 2019

Crashing at 2100 tonight so I can get up at 0400. Going to be on the road at 0430 (ideally). God, I need this vacation…

More Gaming Absences…

Ugh. One of the Saturday players is definitely out for the next two weeks, another is going to wildly inconsistent until sometime in August. This essentially leaves us with two players for ConsOps which … yeah. That’s problematic to the extreme. So I expect ConsOps will be slipping into a half-hiatus mode. The worst part […]

Falling Behind Again…

We’ve had a couple of unexpected absences for the Saturday game, which has led to me delaying ConsOps while we do some GURPS: Shadowrun oneshots while down a player … I’ve fallen way behind in planning and absolutely need to get off my ass & get back into this. Tonight is the face-to-face game and […]

Fricking Spam

I’ve disabled the option for “anyone” to register on the blog because, OMFG, the spambots hit me pretty hard today. I checked my email and had received¬†ninety new Spam users this morning alone. There were over 3000 total in the system … so I’m not sure why I was hammered so hard recently. I’ve since […]

Sudden and Severe Mood Change

Good Lord. In the last hour, for some utterly unexplained reason, my mood has nosedived. I legitimately can’t recall the last time I was in this foul of a mood and I have absolutely no idea why. Nothing has really changed. Dinner was okay and I’m actually really enjoying the book I’m reading, Carte Blanche. […]

Wherein the Universe kicks me in the Kidney

Had my annual check-up last week, complete with “pee in a cup” and take blood labs. The labs came back with “blood in your urine,” which necessitated a visit to the urologist which took place yesterday. And what did I learn? That I’ve got a fairly large kidney stone that, luckily, doesn’t appear super calcified. […]

CCW Classes Next Week

Finally. Seriously, I’ve scheduled the conceal-carry class like six times with a handful of different locations and in instance, it was cancelled, whether due to inclement weather or sicknesses with the staff or too many cancellations. My mistake, I think, was not just signing up for them at H&H Shooting since that’s the “Big Store” […]

Bad Blogger! Bad!

Man, I have really failed to do my proper blog duties and actually say stuff. I’m in that really weird period where I just don’t have a lot to say. In gaming terms, my ConsOps game hasn’t started yet – though I think I’m two to three weeks out at this point … unless the […]