Shooting Today & Verge Session 0 Scheduled

So, we didn’t get as much done with last night’s NBA (Night’s Black Agents) game as I expected – everyone, including the GM, was pretty busy goofing off – but we’re ostensibly scheduled to probably finish up his run next week (10 Jan), which means 17 Jan is probably going to be my session 0. We’ll see.

Whole mess of us went to the gun range today and I put about 350 rounds through my pistol. Accuracy was not terrible I definitely was having to aim more to the right than I should have. I’m going to research online exactly what that portends … I really need to attend a pistol marksmanship class or something, but ultimately, I suspect I’m probably okay. It isn’t like I actually expect to get into a gunfight any time soon.

I’m also planning on trying to resume the gym attendance starting Monday … though, man. I freaking hate going to the gym.

Back to Work

Huzzah. Back to work after the long drive yesterday. I’ve had worse drives – coming from Florida to Oklahoma was brutal – but it was still basically six hours in a car alone. Blech. This was also the first time I’ve rented a car where I didn’t spring for the SiriusXM, so I had to rely on my CDs (which I had to actually find in my normal car) to cover a pretty large swath of Kansas where I couldn’t find a decent radio station.

So … here I am. Back to the grind. Rah.

Now I need to get working on my Verge game again…

6 Hours in the Car…One-way

Tomorrow, I get to roll out of bed really early and head up to Misery … er … Missouri, where my baby sister lives. Originally, I was going to drive up there today, but one of my co-workers abruptly needed to be off today because his wife’s family pulled some scheduling shenanigans, so I came in. I was also going to drive my actual car up there but last week, I had to put air in the tires and noted how messed up they are … so I’m renting a car instead. Picking it up after work.

Not really looking forward to the drive, but it’s family. What are you going to do, right?

Gaming Hiatus…

X-Mas season is upon us so that means the next couple of Fridays & Saturdays aren’t gaming nights since most of the other players are regular people who have spouses and sometimes kids as well. So I get to figure out what to do in the interim.


Holiday Blues? Disgust? Irritation? Setting In

I’ve made no secret how much I freaking hate this time of year, especially X-Mas. My dad died around X-Mas back in ’91 so I have certain sense memories tied to this time of the year. As a result, the closer we get to that point, the more … unbalanced (for lack of a better word) I find myself getting. Today and yesterday are especially good examples: out of nowhere, my mood has sharply deteriorated to the point that I came home from work and just immediately secluded myself in my bedroom where I did some reading and tried to focus on things that wouldn’t piss me off. Unfortunately, the book I’m reading – Kurt Schlichter’s Collapse – probably isn’t helping because I can totally see this being the future of the US. My roommate has invited me to accompany him to his family’s Turkey Day thing tomorrow and I’m still debating whether to go or not. On one hand, I do like his family and he’s basically my “brother from a different mother” but on the other, I’ll have to deal with observing family stuff and God, I’m in no mood to deal with that.

New Year’s cannot possibly come soon enough so I can get back to avoiding introspection.

Idling in Neutral

So … I’m in between running games and in a bit of a weird state. I was absolutely ready to be done with the ConsOps game by the last couple of sessions, but now, I’m jonesing to be back in the GM chair, particularly with the Verge game. Unfortunately, I can’t really do a lot but work on setting stuff since we’re doing the Session 0 to develop characters probably after the first of the year. Normally, I build the game around the characters, so this will be a different mindset I need to get into.

Factor in also the rapid approach of the “stupid season” … my dad passed away back in ’91 around X-Mas so I have certain sense memories tied to this abysmal holiday & it doesn’t help that I’ve got some weirdo friends who are the insane happy-happy-glee-glee types about Christmas (and seem to be unable to comprehend how much I actively loath it.)

So I’m in an odd mood. I’m trying to force my brain into something useful but alas…


Blech. Sick all week. Started late on Saturday, so I took steps to counter it and ended up sleeping all day Sunday (due to NyQuil), then unfortunately missing work on Monday for more of the same. Very much ready for this crap to be over with so I can get back to feeling at least relatively normal…

So … Now What?

Now that my GURPS: Action run is complete, I’m into the “okay, what’s next” phase. I’m next up in the GM rotation with the Friday group and will be using Mongoose 2nd Edition Traveller though not the Traveller setting itself, but I literally have no idea when that’s going to kick off. Probably after the first of the year at the very least, what with the “stupid season” about to kick in so all of our games are likely to get postponed due to holiday schedules.

For the Saturday group, we’re going to be doing Shadowrun for a couple of sessions – again, see the above-mentioned stupid season – before starting Giger’s Sea Dogs game … eventually. I’m looking forward to that game because I really dig my character.

After that, we’re presumably doing a non-GURPS game for the first time ever with Olympus with a D&D 5E game. I’m actually hoping this does happen instead of getting pushed back and pushed back and pushed back and finally cancelled altogether because I’ve liked what I’ve seen of 5E thus far.

For me, I have two games that I’m leaning toward. In our Banestorm game, my character, Finn Sardock, was “lost” in a localized banestorm at the conclusion of the previous GM’s run, which leaves it wide open for me to run a short (hopefully) story arc that I have been jokingly calling “Season 3: The Search for Sardock.” I’ve already got this mostly plotted out – excluding the inevitable hard left turns and crazy random changes to be introduced by PCs – so that’s definitely something I’m leaning toward doing down the road.

I’m also looking at a resumption of our GURPS: Traveller campaign but a.) advancing the timeline by 5-10 years and b.) using completely new characters. This is still in the preliminary planning stages at the moment as I’m sort of, kind of thinking “you know, Pirates of Drinax is right there, calling to you …” Granted, I’m already using some elements of PoD in my Friday campaign setting, but that’s easily shifted and it could be very interesting…

But at the moment, I’m clear and free for a while. Which is appropriate since NaNoWriMo is right around the corner and I really need to do some writing for a change…