Falling Behind Again…

We’ve had a couple of unexpected absences for the Saturday game, which has led to me delaying ConsOps while we do some GURPS: Shadowrun oneshots while down a player … I’ve fallen way behind in planning and absolutely need to get off my ass & get back into this. Tonight is the face-to-face game and […]

Fricking Spam

I’ve disabled the option for “anyone” to register on the blog because, OMFG, the spambots hit me pretty hard today. I checked my email and had received¬†ninety new Spam users this morning alone. There were over 3000 total in the system … so I’m not sure why I was hammered so hard recently. I’ve since […]

Sudden and Severe Mood Change

Good Lord. In the last hour, for some utterly unexplained reason, my mood has nosedived. I legitimately can’t recall the last time I was in this foul of a mood and I have absolutely no idea why. Nothing has really changed. Dinner was okay and I’m actually really enjoying the book I’m reading, Carte Blanche. […]

Wherein the Universe kicks me in the Kidney

Had my annual check-up last week, complete with “pee in a cup” and take blood labs. The labs came back with “blood in your urine,” which necessitated a visit to the urologist which took place yesterday. And what did I learn? That I’ve got a fairly large kidney stone that, luckily, doesn’t appear super calcified. […]

CCW Classes Next Week

Finally. Seriously, I’ve scheduled the conceal-carry class like six times with a handful of different locations and in instance, it was cancelled, whether due to inclement weather or sicknesses with the staff or too many cancellations. My mistake, I think, was not just signing up for them at H&H Shooting since that’s the “Big Store” […]

Bad Blogger! Bad!

Man, I have really failed to do my proper blog duties and actually say stuff. I’m in that really weird period where I just don’t have a lot to say. In gaming terms, my ConsOps game hasn’t started yet – though I think I’m two to three weeks out at this point … unless the […]

And the hits just keep coming…

Well, my Thanksgiving kind of sucked. I woke up on Thursday a.m. with severe pain in my chest & abdomen, could not breath well, and was sweating like a racehorse. Went to the ER – which says everything about how bad it was given how much I HATE hospitals – where they ran me through […]

RIP Stan Lee

Saw that he passed away today at the age of 95. While it’s sad that we’ve lost him, 95 is a very respectable age. After his wife passed last year, I figured it was only a matter of time before he went too since they were married for seventy years. Seventy. Man. They were married […]