Terrible, Horrible Mistake

So I made the terrible, horrible, no-good mistake of blasting through the entirety of “The Dragon Prince” on Netflix last night – only about 20 episodes total, each being about 20-25 minutes long – and now, my brain has sort of engaged on “how do I rip this off for gaming?” Because of course it […]

GURPS Action: Consular Operations

In our Saturday group, one of the players ran an Action game that he entitled “Consular Operations” … which he stole from me as I ran a GURPS 3E game titled that … although to be fair, I originally stole it from a Robert Ludlum book (the name of which I can’t quite recall.) Anyway, […]

Krypton (SyFy show)

Major Spoiler stuff near the bottom. Be warned: I’m totally flying my geek flag throughout this. Its no surprise, I think, that I’m a big Superman fan, although I’m definitely not what you’d call a “traditionalist” with that love. For example, I (mostly) loved Man of Steel – I still feel really, really bad for […]

Lost in Space (2018)

Worked my way through this on Netflix over the weekend and, for the most part, I rather enjoyed it. Was a fairly effective way of re-envisioning the series. When I saw the initial trailer, I sighed – they race-swapped the eldest Robinson, Judy, and gender-bent Dr. Smith, so I was expecting more SJW-type nonsense (e.g., […]

Into the Badlands

Watching “Into the Badlands” on Netflix. Was aware of this show but never got around to watching it until now. It’s kind of ridiculous in a lot of ways but the fight scenes are everything “Iron Fist” should have been but wasn’t. And “The Widow”? Wow, she’s gorgeous.

Jessica Jones, Season 2

I finished the second season of this show yesterday and, just like the first season, there is very little chance I will be watching this again, albeit for completely different reasons.

Metropolis … Or Not Interested, Thanks

DC & WB have announced their intent to do a Superman prequel series centered around Lois and Lex called Metropolis. I guess they like what Gotham has been doing and want more of that. Me? I love Superman and his mythos but have always considered Lois Lane as the least interesting character in his supporting […]

Star Trek: Discovery

So, watched most of what was released … and I’ve gotta say, I don’t like it. The technology is way more advanced than it should be based on when it is set – about 10 years pre-TOS – and the Klingons, frankly, look terrible. Even worse, they mumble all of their lines – I couldn’t […]

Rewatching Tennant Who

Got a wild hair up my butt tonight after the game and I re-watched “The Waters of Mars” on Amazon. It amazes me how good the Tennant era of Who was when compared to the utter crap that was Capaldi’s run. I don’t blame him, I blame Moffat who ruined the show. And now that […]

The Magicians on SyFy … or “Oh, God, I hate this show”

Once again, I’m desperately trying to make my way through “The Magicians” season 1 (this time on Netflix) in the (vain) hopes it might be useful for Red Sky, but O.M.F.G., I hate these characters. HATE THEM. Every. Single. Freaking. One. I want them all to die in a fire. And not just a tiny fire, […]