The Mandalorian trailer

Oh, my freaking God. This is pushing all of my “Rogue One” buttons and keeping them pushed! After the hot mess that was The Last Jedi and the mediocre blahness of Solo, I’d pretty much given up on Disney Star Wars. Honestly, if the boss wasn’t likely taking the entire office to see EpIX, I’d probably have skipped it … […]

The Expanse Season Four

Damn, I can’t wait. They’re clearly (again) taking some liberties with the source material – in the book, for example, Amos and Holden were the only Roci crew to step foot onto Ilus/New Terra … which makes sense as they’re the Earthers accustomed to a domeless sky and capable of withstanding the gravity – but […]

Netflix Witcher Trailer

Well, I don’t think it looks that bad. Yes, there are some casting issues – I still don’t like the SJW casting of Triss as a black chick and the Yennefer casting just doesn’t work for me either, but Ciri looks fine and I like Cavill so I am hoping he kicks ass in this. […]

Krypton Season 2

Totally caught up with this show and man, I’m really enjoying it. I do have some minor complaints along the way, so I figure I’ll do my usual good, bad, ugly thing. Good Brainiac. Holy cow, but I dig this version of Brainiac. He’s fantastic – the actor is doing an amazing job and I […]

Terrible, Horrible Mistake

So I made the terrible, horrible, no-good mistake of blasting through the entirety of “The Dragon Prince” on Netflix last night – only about 20 episodes total, each being about 20-25 minutes long – and now, my brain has sort of engaged on “how do I rip this off for gaming?” Because of course it […]

GURPS Action: Consular Operations

In our Saturday group, one of the players ran an Action game that he entitled “Consular Operations” … which he stole from me as I ran a GURPS 3E game titled that … although to be fair, I originally stole it from a Robert Ludlum book (the name of which I can’t quite recall.) Anyway, […]

Krypton (SyFy show)

Major Spoiler stuff near the bottom. Be warned: I’m totally flying my geek flag throughout this. Its no surprise, I think, that I’m a big Superman fan, although I’m definitely not what you’d call a “traditionalist” with that love. For example, I (mostly) loved Man of Steel – I still feel really, really bad for […]

Lost in Space (2018)

Worked my way through this on Netflix over the weekend and, for the most part, I rather enjoyed it. Was a fairly effective way of re-envisioning the series. When I saw the initial trailer, I sighed – they race-swapped the eldest Robinson, Judy, and gender-bent Dr. Smith, so I was expecting more SJW-type nonsense (e.g., […]

Into the Badlands

Watching “Into the Badlands” on Netflix. Was aware of this show but never got around to watching it until now. It’s kind of ridiculous in a lot of ways but the fight scenes are everything “Iron Fist” should have been but wasn’t. And “The Widow”? Wow, she’s gorgeous.