Into the Badlands

Watching “Into the Badlands” on Netflix. Was aware of this show but never got around to watching it until now. It’s kind of ridiculous in a lot of ways but the fight scenes are everything “Iron Fist” should have been but wasn’t. And “The Widow”? Wow, she’s gorgeous.

Metropolis … Or Not Interested, Thanks

DC & WB have announced their intent to do a Superman prequel series centered around Lois and Lex called Metropolis. I guess they like what Gotham has been doing and want more of that.

Me? I love Superman and his mythos but have always considered Lois Lane as the least interesting character in his supporting cast. Regardless of what they do with her, she ultimately remains the damsel in distress relying on Superman to pull her out danger and I find that stunningly dull. There are only so many times you can have one of her investigations put her in dire mortal danger only for Kal to blur in and rescue her. This was fine for storytelling in an earlier age, but now … now, there needs to be more.

Unfortunately, there really isn’t more you can do with her. I’m tired of her … but truthfully, I’m probably more tired of her fans…

Star Trek: Discovery

So, watched most of what was released … and I’ve gotta say, I don’t like it. The technology is way more advanced than it should be based on when it is set – about 10 years pre-TOS – and the Klingons, frankly, look terrible. Even worse, they mumble all of their lines – I couldn’t tell if it was due to the prosthetics or just the fact that they spoke entirely in Klingon and were thus incapable of speaking quickly. And that doesn’t even take into account the main character … put simply: she was a blithering idiot who consistently made the wrong decisions over and over and over.

The worst part about this was that they could have resolved probably ninety percent of my issues by simply setting the show post Voyager (to explain the insane tech that was far beyond what was capable in TOS) and then change the Klingons to some random unnamed alien species. Of course, if the main character was written as stupidly in my theoretical version, well … they’d still be in bad shape.

And forget about me paying for CBS’ steaming service to see if future episodes make up for this mess…

Rewatching Tennant Who

Got a wild hair up my butt tonight after the game and I re-watched “The Waters of Mars” on Amazon. It amazes me how good the Tennant era of Who was when compared to the utter crap that was Capaldi’s run. I don’t blame him, I blame Moffat who ruined the show. And now that they’ve gone on and jumped with both feet into SJW land by making the Doctor a woman … ugh. Is it sexist of me? Probably, but I’m so tired of the political correct nonsense. Next up: Jane Bond.

Netflix and Chill (Pt 1)

Watched the new “Saint” movie (with Eliza Dushku) on Netflix last night. It wasn’t terrible but definitely had the feel of a pilot for a series. Then I watched “Cloud Atlas” which was … weird. Couldn’t really lock onto most of the characters or storylines (although the New Seoul one with the Fabricant character who goes on to be a quasi saint-like religious figure? That was pretty neat and I wanted more of it and less of most of the rest.) So ultimately, interesting Netflix evening…

The 13th Doctor

Sigh. Thirteen is a woman.

Well, that’s it for me. Been a fan since … hmm … Three, I think? Four was always my favorite as I really started getting into Who, but whatever. Enjoy your social justice nonsense, BBC. I expect this to fail and fail hard.

Capaldi’s Who

So, caught up with this most recent season of Doctor Who which is going to be Capaldi’s last season and … I hate to say this, but I kind of hated it. I have nothing bad to say about Capaldi himself, who I actually rather liked as the Doctor, but the writing was freaking terrible all through this season. Just horrible.

Honestly, the only thing that interested me was seeing David Bradley playing the First Doctor at the tail end. For the first time ever, I’m actually interested in watching the X-Mas special this year…