Game Prep: ConsOps Session 01a

Did some character review and have made a suggestion to one of the players – McKay is really a drone guy so he shouldn’t be in the field. No, he should be in the rear with all of the gear, so I’ve recommended to the player that we semi-retire McKay – he’ll get promoted to a […]

Finn Sardock, RPM Caster and War-Leader

This is my player character in our currently active GURPS: Banestorm game. Third-born son of the retired adventurer, Lord Dane Sardock, Finn lived most of his life in Caithness until the expedition to retake Castle Defiant in 2035 which he joined. Upon reaching Defiant, his father delegated many of the leadership duties to young Finn, […]

New Blog Theme

Yeah, so I’m still playing around with this to see what I like the best so don’t be surprised if weird stuff seems to be happening to the blog. That’s just me, screwing around…

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Looks pretty darned good. I really like the little touches – Bruce Banner’s picture in the wall of famous scientists, Howard Stark’s face on the school mural – and am hoping this movie kicks ass. Thus far, the MCU hasn’t screwed up yet, so there’s that. Interesting that Spidey is shown in both his original […]

Today’s Experiment

Have to be at work by 10, so I rolled out of the apartment around 8, took the bike to the River and did 11 point something miles. Traffic was hideously ugly on the way back, so I deviated through back streets, got home and showered. Walked into the office about 5 minutes after 10. […]