As Promised: Lews Therin, the Magus (Sword Saint)

The Sword Saint is just a rename of the Kensai, which is a Magus archetype. Regarding his AC, that breaks down to: Base 10 Dexterity +3 Deflection +2 (Ring of Protection +2) Armor +6 (Chainshirt +2) Shield +4 (Shield spell) Natural Armor +2 (Wyvern Skin Cloak) Dodge +1 (Dodge feat) Dodge +2 (Combat Expertise feat) […]

Bad Blogger: Kingmaker and Excuses

So, yeah. I’ve been absent for the last week or so. I blame the official release of the Pathfinder: Kingmaker video game. I’ve been playing it almost nonstop. Admittedly, it’s still a bit buggy – Owlcat Games is a pretty small studio and, as someone who also works in a small software development company as […]

GURPS Action: Consular Operations

In our Saturday group, one of the players ran an Action game that he entitled “Consular Operations” … which he stole from me as I ran a GURPS 3E game titled that … although to be fair, I originally stole it from a Robert Ludlum book (the name of which I can’t quite recall.) Anyway, […]

New Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer

While I’m still kind of looking forward to this, I must admit that the character models aren’t very appealing right now. It’s like they intentionally uglied up all of the characters – this “Cora Harper” is ostensibly a love interest but man, she’s kind of bugly…

Arkham Knight and BM: Telltale Game

Steam sale had these for cheap and while I’m kind of tired of Bats, I will acknowledge that the Arkham games have been great … until Knight. I’d read how people disliked the Batmobile crap but dear God, until I’d experienced it myself, I had not realized just how crap it is. Meanwhile, the Telltale […]

Mass Effect, Timeline

Something occurred to me yesterday while goofing off with ME3. I’ve been struggling with the timeline – specifically, when to set this theoretical game – and was fluctuating between “during ME1″ and “prior to ME1″ which ultimately limits the amount of time available since ME1 begins in 2183 and ME3 ends in 2186. While reviewing […]