Mass Effect 3 & Roleplaying

Into ME3 now, having completed the ME2 suicide mission with losing a single person. Haven’t picked up the DLC for the ME3 yet, but that’ll happen this weekend (probably). Had forgotten how much I like the general atmosphere at the beginning of the game – it’s hit the “Hopeless” point, with the Reapers being impossible to defeat yet Space Jesus just keeps on fighting. Begs the question: how do you do that sort of thing in a face-to-face RPG? Granted, to this point, Shepard really hasn’t failed in any of his missions – yeah, he lost Alenko at Virmire but that was still a successful op. But it is still a curious dilemma since ultimately, the war against the Reapers is doomed. Something to ponder, I suppose…

Interesting to note that only 3 years have passed since ME1 (in-game) which isn’t really a lot of time for various adventures to happen in a face-to-face game. I think if I was to run a ME game, I’d arbitrarily shift the time to 5 years later (increase the amount of time Shepard was “dead” to 3 years for further Biblical analogies, then presume ME2 took place over an entire year as the SR-2 ran around doing stuffs to prepare for the Collector assault.)


Finished out Mass Effect 1 last night and it occurred to me that a lot of the problems that Shepard experiences in this game could have been resolved if the ultra tech society that has folding up weapons, the capability to dissolve pretty much any bit of equipment into “omni-gel”, and easily portable “virtual intelligences” bothered to put functional helmet cams (complete with audio recording) on the their armor. Seriously, everyone is all “You’re the only on who saw/heard/talked with X…” throughout the entire game (which flatly ignores the two other characters with Shepard during the op), so it stands to reason that they should have taken some sort of recording bit. Hell, when Tali is introduced, she has a recording of Saren & Benezia!

Fridge logic at its best.

Arkham Origins & video games in general

Steam had “Arkham Origins” on sale for like $20 the other day so I picked it up and played through it. Yes, the irony of me playing a Batman game based on my general exhaustion with the character is not lost on me, but I must admit, the games he gets are pretty awesome. If you liked Arkham City, this is pretty much the same only earlier in the timeline. It includes Joker’s first appearance and he’s the final villain as well.

Seriously, though, I would make a terrible Batman. As much as I disliked the Ben Affleck version of Batman in BvS:DoJ – nothing against him; he did a great job with what was written … I just hated how he was written – he’s a lot more like what I would be. Joker would be dead the second time he popped up, Riddler would be dead the moment I got my hands on him because of how irritating the riddles are, and so on.

What really struck me, though, is that this engine would make for an awesome Spider-Man game. Please, Rocksteady, make it so!

At some point, I’ll have to pick up Arkham Knight to finish out the series…

Same old, same old

Co-worker is getting married today. Because I need that reminder again, right? Meh. Whatever.

Been playing Arkham City the last couple of days – yes, the Batman is really overexposed and I’m frankly bored of him but man, he has the best video games. There’s some quite appealing about clearly a room of armed thugs without any of them seeing you and noting that the last guy is “Terrified”.

Still, I’d love to see a Superman game with this level of quality. The problem, I suppose, is one of power level. I’m not sure how one would go about doing such a game without having to straight away through Darkseid at you. Maybe have the Prologue of the game involve some sort of Luthor scheme that temporarily robs Kal of his abilities and they have to recharge over time (hence the “level up” effect)?