Thinking On Verge, Season 2

I’ve been trying to get into the right headspace for working on my upcoming game – that’s part of the reason I’m going camping over the Memorial Day weekend, so I can unplug and hopefully focus on the important stuff – but something one of the players said to me a while back keeps coming to mind: “I wanted Firefly problems in the Expanse universe,this player said. That conjures up a fascinating mix of settings …

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Mini Camping Trip Set

Went ahead and pulled the trigger on doing a mini-camping trip around Memorial Day this month. The auto-deploy tent that I’d ordered early last month completely vanished in-transit – tracking has it leave a facility in Colorado and POOF! It’s gone! So the sellers ended up refunding my money and I ordered a slightly different one from someone else. I figure I can use this to at least confirm that my new tent (which ideally, I should have by Monday) will work.

Amusingly (or perhaps irritatingly?), locally we’re doing our “Meat Meet” (wherein a bunch of dead animals are grilled) on that Saturday, but the campsite I’m heading to for that trip is only about 2 and a half hours away and I can’t check in until later in the day, so I’m likely going to at least show up for said Meat Meet.

Also in the process of actively trying to get back into the weight loss mindset. I’ve screwed around waaaaaay too much and I’m a crapton heavier than I want to be – at least 80 pounds heavier – so trying to get back to watching what I eat and cutting out unnecessary sugar. Walked into the office this a.m. which only further highlighted how out of shape I am.

And also trying to get my head right about running Traveller again in the foreseeable future but my brain is just super vapor locked which is yet another reason I need to go out into the woods and just reset my headspace…

Camping Trip Scheduled

Went ahead and scheduled some time off around the Independence Day weekend. I’m planning on driving up to Colorado – 9 hour drive; blech – and camping for a couple of nights out in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes, being completely alone for a couple of days is great for me; sometimes, I get lost in my own head and it isn’t that great. I’m kind of hoping this is the former because I really need to sort of “reset” some things. Very much looking forward to getting away from absolutely everything for a while…

Idling in Neutral Again

So, I’m not GMing at the moment, so I’m in that awkward ‘Now what?’ mindset. I’ve got two different Traveller games in the queue – one for Friday with the Verge game using the Mongoose Traveller 2nd edition rules but not the campaign setting, one for the Saturday group using GURPS but in the Traveller universe that’ll be Deepnight Revelation – but neither of them are going to happen for two months or more, so I’m trying to make myself focus on something. Honestly, I kind of need to get myself back into actual writing so …


GM Commentary: Banestorm, 3×09

YouTube of the session here.

As is normal, I expected one thing – the fight to be over by 8:30 so I could handle some denouement stuff – and got something else – fight dragged on until around 9:30. I partially have myself to blame as I have a tendency to not declare a fight over, even when its pretty clear that the other side isn’t going to be able to do anything. I’ve already instructed several of the players to shoot me a PM the next time it starts to happen.

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