Dental Work

Got the permanent crown put in this a.m. and was very gratified that I didn’t have to pay the entire balance today. Thanks to the car work I had to get done yesterday costs almost immediately what I still owe the dentist.

Dental Visit & Aftermath

Initial part of root canal is complete. Have to go back next Thursday for the temporary crown (presuming the medication application worked.) Confirmed also that my blood pressure is at least lower, but is still on the high side. Am guessing that I either am still acclimating to that medication or (more likely with my luck) it is not strong enough.

They had to apply epinephrine as part of the initial numbing process and whoa, buddy. I did not like that at all. Nearly as bad as the hydrocodone I have as painkiller right now.

Bright side: haven’t eaten hardly anything today. This is also the dark side as well.

Random Musings

Root canal is scheduled for Thursday. So … huzzah for that. I’m just so terribly eager…

Did the gym thing on Sunday and actually lifted weights. As a result, my muscles have noted this change and strongly disapprove. Really need to go back today and do the lower body sequence so I can spread the pain around.

Well, this blows

Went to the dentist this a.m. to get a problem tooth resolved. It is going to be a root canal – $1600, fortunately paid in 3 installments, but still! Unfortunately, can’t get anything done with it because my blood pressure is too high so I had to dig around & find a local doctor to check that. Appointment for 9 a.m. tomorrow to review … and, knowing my damned luck, get put on high blood pressure medicine.

And my fraked up tooth is still killing me. Ugh.