GM Commentary: Banestorm, 3×09

YouTube of the session here.

As is normal, I expected one thing – the fight to be over by 8:30 so I could handle some denouement stuff – and got something else – fight dragged on until around 9:30. I partially have myself to blame as I have a tendency to not declare a fight over, even when its pretty clear that the other side isn’t going to be able to do anything. I’ve already instructed several of the players to shoot me a PM the next time it starts to happen.

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Game Prep: The Verge, 3×05, Cont’d

So I figured the second part of this adventure out, I think. I’m going ripoff a lot of the stuff from Crowded Hours adventure. Unlike the original adventure, they’ll be on the orbital refinery, not a starship … though I’m thinking of using the final crash bit in 3×06.

In the original source material, the PCs are on a passenger transport that misjumps and bad shit ensues, culminating in the ship crashing on a moon (though it has the potential of straight up plowing into the moon and everyone dying.) Since its a passenger ship, the PCs have to deal with other passengers as well as the crew; since that’s not the case here, I’m just retrofitting the passengers to family members of LFC employees. But pretty much all of the other stuff that happens can happen in this (excepting the “help us with the people in low passage.”)

So I think it’s all doable. Time will tell.