Plotting for Next Red Sky Adventure, “Dead Line”

We had a bye-last week – I simply wasn’t ready thanks to work … and to be perfectly honest, I’m still not ready. Truthfully, my motivation took a hit with the end of “Clean Slate” and I’ve really struggled to recover. At the moment, I’ve got a very broad outline for the underlying arc, but it really isn’t enough to cover five or six sessions, so I’ve got to figure out what to add.

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Clean Slate, Chapter 5 (Current Thinking)

So, yeah. I’ve done a terrible job of preparing for the game this week – too distracted with thinking about the GURPS Traveller game that I play in on Saturdays (it’s currently on hiatus while we do Dungeon Fantasy) that I’m going to be taking over; it wasn’t until I started thinking about and planning that game that I realized how much I’ve wanted to run a sci-fi game … but again, I fricking digress. Monster Hunters, dude. Get your crap together!

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GM Commentary for Session 6.04

Full recap here.

As previously stated, we were down Sofia’s player due to work-related madness – I think she left work early on Friday and went camping or something, mostly to try and relax so as to head off her desire to go postal on her co-workers; thankfully, she let me know about this very early in the week. This session was an interesting example of me being more satisfied with how it played out immediately following the game than I was after I’d had time to think about it.

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Clean Slate, Chapter 4 (Current Thinking)

Once again, down a player though after her end of the work conversation I overheard last week – wherein she freaked out at someone because they had just deleted 8 months of her work and then wanted her to fix it – I can’t say I blame her for wanting to just go somewhere quiet to decompress. It’s too bad, actually, ’cause I had some fun Weirdness Magnet stuff in mind for her. Right now, it looks I’ll still have the other three players so …

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Clean Slate, Chapter 3 Revision (Again)

Frustrating news. One of my players – the one who plays Sofia – is out this week due to family issues. It’s now a toss-up whether there will be a game; at this point, I’m putting it at a 50% chance of gaming since one of the remaining players is historically bad with attendance. Sad to say, I’m really getting some Volume III flashbacks here … wish I could figure out a better way to make this particular game rely less on specific player attendance…

Anyway, on the presumption that the game goes one, it means I need to revise my plan.

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Revising the Climax of the Penthouse Fight

As stated in a previous post, I’m into the planning phase for this coming Friday’s game. The two OSBI agents (PCs) and the ATF gal (NPC run by a player whose regular character is not available) have emerged victorious in their firefight with a bunch of hostage takers, with one alive and free, and a second having been wrestled to the ground by the ATF guys. As we ended, the guy who is free had just thrown a backpack at the ATF agent who (logically) presumed it was an explosive.

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