Rewatched ESB

Rewatched ESB this weekend and was once again reminded of what I didn’t like about the “special editions”. This line was replaced with that whole nonsense about informing his star destroyer of his arrival … I love the way this scene was originally done. You really get Vader’s frustration and controlled fury. I really wish I could get a special SPECIAL edition where I pick and choose what they changed (e.g., the Solo & Jabba scene in ANH. It’d be gone too. And Han. Shot. First.)

Rogue 1 Review

Had a blast with this movie. There were some flaws in it – notably, that it honestly wasn’t actually necessary in the grand scheme of things but also with regards to some digital recreations for a few characters, notably Governor Tarkin, that failed the ‘uncanny valley’ thing – but once it got cooking, it was fantastic. Seeing Lord Vader cutting down Rebel scum alone was worth the price of admission but the entire main battle was awesome.

The director also had an excellent sense of scale, something that is sometimes lost with the SW movies (particularly ‘The Force Awakens’ which had people all over the galaxy being able to see the destruction of a single star system, despite not being anywhere near that system … but then, that’s J.J. Abrams and the first nuTrek reboot movie showed he had no sense of scale then.) Overall, at this point, I think I’d say that I liked ‘Rogue One” better than ‘The Force Awakens’ but a repeat viewing is likely required to confirm this fact.

Also? I don’t know Felicity Jones from anywhere, but she’s great in this. Not quite as luminescent as Daisy Ridley – honestly, I swear that when Daisy was on the screen for TFA, I literally cannot look away – but excellent nonetheless.

Very good movie.

Rogue 1 today

The boss is a big Star Wars fan as well, so we’re closing down the office and going to see it today as a group with him paying (which is awesome.) We did the same last year with The Force Awakens and ended up at Five Guys (again, with him paying.) No word on whether that’s the plan today as well.

Battlefront: Twilight Company

Just finished reading Battlefront: Twilight Company, which is a Star Wars tie-in novel based on the Battlefront video game and … wow. This was a surprisingly good book, especially for a video game tie-in. It was tense, brutal, violent and really showed what the actual war would be like. Very cool book.