My Favorite Places Online


If you can't find me at WWBJ, I'm probably not online!


The Guardian of Forever is an archive for Star Trek fiction in all its forms except the reboot movie.


One of the best Trip/T'Pol fansites out there. As of January, 2007, they ceased accepting new fiction.


The ball was picked up and carried forward at Triaxian Silk.


The Delphic Expanse is another ENT community I have a limited presence at. Expect ships of all kinds.

The most detailed deckplans for the NX-01 you'll find anywhere. The level of detail here is simply amazing. Yeah  Endeavour is little different, but the similarities are close enough for my needs.

The homepage of my good friend Dan. He's the one I turn to when I need image manipulations.

Endeavour Banners

These were all done by Chris who has also done all of the covers and the above title block for me.