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Act One

Act Two

Act Three

Act Four

Act Five

author's note

Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama

Rated: PG-13 … harsh language, action, and adult situations.

Summary: The search for the traitor in Starfleet Command leads Admiral Archer to a chilling discovery...

Disclaimer: I own nada.

Wicked opening sequence by Chrisis1033.

The Teaser very consciously emulates the style of the "teaser" to Dan Abnett's Xenos novel. I highly recommend the entire Eisenhorn trilogy to anyone who likes good, solid sci-fi.

I'd be remiss if I failed to thank Kevin Thomas Riley for giving me astounding assistance throughout the creative process.

The revised look of the Endeavour was originally developed by Mark Ward for the NX Class Mod Pack for Bridge Commander, although it was credited as the NCC-05 Atlantis. Mr. Ward has graciously given me permission to use this “skin” for the look of Endeavour – if I had discovered this thing before writing Vigrid, the -06 would have looked like this all along.

This is the sequel to Endeavour: Grendel. It'll be a little difficult to follow without reading that first. Like my previous fics, I'm writing this as prose and using the basic screenplay format (Teaser + 5 acts)

Endeavour: medea

Dramatis Personae

UES Endeavour, NC-06

  • Commanding Officer (CO): Charles Tucker, III - Captain (CPT)
  • Executive Officer (XO): T'Pol - also Senior Science/Sensor Officer (SCI) - Commander (CDR)
  • Chief Tactical Officer (TAC): Heinrich ("Rick") Eisler, 3IC - Lieutenant Commander (LCDR)
  • Chief of Engineering (ENG or ChEng): Anna Hess , 4IC - Lieutenant Commander (LCDR), 4IC
  • Senior Helmsman/Navigator (NAV): Selina ("Lina") Mayweather , Lieutenant (LT)
  • Senior Communications/Linguistics Officer (COM): Marie Devereux, Lieutenant (LT)
  • Weapons System Officer (WSO): Anthony ("Tony") Stiles –also Roughneck 6 (OIC) - Ensign (ENS)
  • Chief Medical Officer (CMO): Phlox, equivalent rank of LCDR
  • Chief of the Boat (COB): Colin Mackenzie, Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO), senior enlisted man.

Starfleet Command

  • Vice Chief of Naval Operations (V-CNO): Jonathan ("Jon") Archer – Rear Admiral (RADM)
  • Commander, Communications Supplementary Activity (CSA): Hoshi Sato-Reed - Lieutenant Commander (LCDR)







FILE 407:36:1M048

Please enter your access code: > XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX



Thank you, Director.

You may proceed.





[Pict-record white noise transitions to] Darkness. Confirmed ambient sounds. A flash of light [poss. weapon-fire?]. An explosion.

Pict-source shudders with explosion. Begins to move, tracking. Painting of human female, in close focus. Another flash, brighter, closer. Squeal of pain [source unknown, distinctively human]. An extremely bright flash [loss of picture].

[Image indistinct for 3 siuren 36 ewa. Some background noise.]

A human [subject (1)] in battle armor, calls out as he halts in front of the pict-source [speech unrecoverable]. Surroundings: civilian quarters. (1)'s identity unknown [face concealed by helmet]. (1) grips pulse rifle. (1) turns, speaks.

VOICE (1): Move in! Alpha team, secure the upper level, Bravo team with me!

Additional flashes of light, appear to be close plasma-weapon impacts. (1) returns fire against unseen targets. Flash from weapon-fire causes massive white out [pict-source lost.]

[Image white out for 0 siuren 22 ewa; resolution slowly returns]. Three additional armored figures are now in pict-image. Pict-source pans, reveals bodies in doorway. No indication of lethal force used by armored figures.

VOICE (1?): Charlie team! Move up!

Four armored figures move out of pict-source. Flashes from additional weapons-fire obscure pict-image. [Pict-source lost]

[Image lost for 0 siuren, 17 ewa; resolution slowly returns]. Human male [subject (2)] strides past pict-source. (2) is not in battle armor, but is carrying hand pistol (phase variant, Earth standard). (2) is followed by two human females [subjects (3) and (4)], and one armored figure [subject (5)]. Poor resolution of pict-image makes identification difficult. Armored figure speaks.

VOICE (5): Sir, get down!

Four figures begin trading fire with unseen targets. Flashes from weapons-fire and energy impacts [phase-fire blinds pict-source optics].

[Various noise sources, indistinct voices, additional weapons-fire, some screaming.]

[Image returns.] All four subjects are down, writhing as if in pain. Pict-source focuses on subject (2) for 0.5 ewa. Subject (2) positively identified as khre'Riov Jonathan Archer (see attached file). Subject (3) tentatively identified as khre'Arrain Hoshi Sato (see attached file). Subject (4) tentatively identified as Gannet Brooks (see attached file).

VOICE (female, unidentified): Is this the best you can do?

[Pict-source begins to pan.] Indistinct shape enters focus. Humanoid, female [subject (6)]. Subject (6) positively identified as Operative Aehallh (see attached file – WARNING: Level 12 clearance required). Operative Aehallh walks toward (2). Is followed by male human [subject (7)]. Subject (7) positively identified as Galae'Enriov Thomas Gardner (see attached file).

OPERATIVE AEHALLH: I expected more from you, Jonathan.

Operative Aehallh approaches Archer, reaches to touch him. Pict-source makes partial capture as unidentified energy distortion emanates from Operative Aehallh. Archer convulses. Blood trickles from his nose, mouth, ears, and eyes. He screams.

OPERATIVE AEHALLH: You have caused me a great deal of discomfort, Jonathan, and I am going to repay you in kind.

Another distortion emanates from Operative Aehallh. Image lost. Sounds of screams.

[Image out. Recording ends.]


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