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author's note

Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama

Rated: PG …mild language, violence, sexual innuendo and some sexual situations

Summary: Negotiations between Starfleet and the Boomers draw unwanted attention and a battle looms ...

Disclaimer: We've established earlier that (a) I'm not making any money (no, seriously, I'm not. It really sucks.); (b) the characters (mostly) belong to Paramount; (c) if I owned them, I'd be married to a long-haired T'Pol; (d) the Killer Bees should be stuck in an agonizer forever for TATV; (e) Manny Coto should have been in charge from the beginning; (f) I'm not a professional writer but would like to be one; and (g) There's not a chance in hell that I'm going to watch anything in which the Beebs are even tangentially involved.

Cover & equally wicked opening sequence by Chrisis1033.

Author's Note:

Major thanks to TJinLOCA and T'Leela for being awesome betas and “devoted fic queens”, thanks to Distracted for medical advice, and pookha for being my canon fiend. All of you rock!

This is the first part of the sequel to Elysium. The pacing is intentionally slower this time, although that will change in the second part. Also, since I'm introducing a number of new characters (crew of the Endeavour), expect a couple of seemingly unrelated POVs.

I'm also envisioning revised uniforms that appear much closer to the uniforms worn in the TOS pilot. Things have changed ...


Endeavour: Vigrid

(Opens a New Window)

Dramatis Personae

UES Endeavour, NX-06

  • Commanding Officer (CO): Charles Tucker, III - Captain (CPT)
  • Executive Officer (XO): T'Pol - also Senior Science/Sensor Officer (SCI) - Commander (CDR)
  • Chief Tactical Officer (TAC): Heinrich ("Rick") Eisler, 3IC - Lieutenant Commander (LCDR)
  • Chief of Engineering (ENG or ChEng): Drahn, (Andorian male), 4IC - Lieutenant Commander (LCDR), 4IC
  • Senior Helmsman/Navigator (NAV): Daniel Hsiao, Lieutenant (LT)
  • Senior Communications/Linguistics Officer (COM): Marie Devereux, Lieutenant (LT)
  • Chief Medical Officer (CMO): Phlox, equivalent rank of LCDR
  • Damage Control Officer (DCO): Allison Li, Lieutenant Junior Grade (LT JG)
  • Chief of the Boat (COB): Colin Mackenzie, Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO), senior enlisted man.

SecForce - "Roughnecks"

  • Roughneck 6 (OIC): Scott Reynolds – Lieutenant Junior Grade (LT JG)
  • Roughneck 6-Alpha: Nathaniel Hayes – Ensign (ENS)
  • Roughneck 7 (NCOIC): Anita Karanja – Senior Chief Petty Officer (SCPO), enlisted, still called “Gunny”


Vigrid Station. September 2156.

The spy was patient.

He was still and silent as he observed the human's approach. The automated loading docks on the rundown station were hardly the safest location for a conversation, but they served the spy's purpose. Noise from the loading platforms made audio surveillance nearly impossible, while steam rising from the overstressed hydraulics made video capture equally difficult. Few would venture into such an inhospitable location.

It was ideal for his needs.

“Sovek,” the portly human said by way of greeting. It was not his true name, but the spy who was not Sovek acknowledged it with the slightest of nods. “Ya got my creds?” A flicker of avarice flashed through the human's eyes but was hidden as quickly as it appeared, replaced by something else … something disturbing.

In response, the spy frowned minutely and raised an eyebrow.

The human gave him a grin. “I planted the device just like ya told me.” He grinned again, displaying teeth in dire need of cleaning.

Much like everything about this human.

“Was it some sort o' listenin' device?” the human was asking and the spy who was not Sovek chastised himself for his momentary loss of focus. He did not speak, did not reply in any way beyond pinning the human with his coldest stare. Surely this fool did not expect him to reveal its purpose? “Right,” the human said with a curious gesture. “State secret an' all.” Again the human flashed his unpleasant grin.

The spy experienced a sudden moment of concern. Why was the human trying to engage him in conversation? He had never done so before in their sixteen previous interactions; that he did so now was ... troubling. There were a limited number of reasons for the human to suddenly become so curious, so loquacious this late in their game of deception, and to the spy who was not Sovek, only one made sense.

The human was compromised.

Letting the disruptor slide into his left hand with a discreet motion, the spy gestured toward the partially concealed case that contained the credits, his eyes never leaving the human. The smile that appeared on the human's face held no trace of duplicity, and the spy who was not Sovek pushed away a moment of uncertainty.

There was no time for doubt.

“Good doin' business with ya,” the human said, eyes gleaming with greed. “Ya know, for a Vulcan, you ain't half bad.” As the human turned toward the case, the spy acted. He took a quick half step forward and reached out with his right hand, clamping down on the human's shoulder before the stocky man fully comprehended the action. In his haste, he applied more pressure than was entirely necessary, but the result was the same: without a sound, the human crumpled into a heap.

For long moments, the spy remained perfectly still, his eyes searching the darkness around the loading facilities for movement, his ears straining to hear the sound of breathing or footsteps above the rhythmic hiss of the loading platforms. He could not be captured … not now, not at this stage of the operation. Minutes crept by as he remained frozen in place, disruptor held tightly in hand.

But no one came.

The spy who was not Sovek released a tension-filled breath and dragged his unconscious victim deeper into the darkness. Another long moment passed as he considered his next action. The human did not know what was coming, but clearly suspected far too much. Stretching his fingers out, the spy touched the contact points on the human's face and mentally prepared himself. Altering this human's memories would not be terribly difficult; like so many that the spy had been forced to deal with since arriving on this station, this one’s intellect was substandard. Even for a human.

As the spy began to stretch out with his mind, a stray thought occurred to him, one that caused him to immediately break contact and pull his fingers free. A dark frown on his face, he stared at the human with hooded and troubled eyes. If the information his employers had provided him was accurate - and it had been, so far - there would soon be two on this station that the spy knew to be melders. He did not know how skilled they were, did not know if they could repair the neurological changes, and he could not risk discovery. Options were weighed in the blink of an eye, and the spy who was not Sovek made his decision.

Without hesitation, he put the disruptor to the human's face and squeezed the trigger.

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